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      I was never into IKEA so much, but lately… I’m trying. :wink:

      After a big IKEA closet in the bedroom (pretty standard stuff, took me many hours though), this is my second build-off: a double closet with metal doors, custom made wooden shelves and a roofboard made from an off-white/creamish second hand panel door… We patiently waited till IKEA gave 60% discount on this type of closets, since we knew already that it would look cool with the kinda modern sink in the bathroom that was already there. But it looked really empty without a closet under it. IKEA normally sells this closet with a sink, but we didn’t want that, of course. So I took the risk of adjusting the whole thing to our sink… Anyway, I like the result, but again, it was a whole weekend of cautious work! Spend: 109,70 Euro, instead of 3 to 5 times more! :lol:

      What IKEA (or other) build-offs do you guys want to share?

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      lol @ your face in the mirror.

      at least half of my furniture is ikea.
      i never made anything too complicated. i think the hardest one to put together was the 4 x 4 expedit, ideal for 12\" vinyls.

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      That Expedit may be hard if one’s drunk. Nevertheless, it’s a great furniture to source vinyl records. Got my records in a Kottebo box (that fits a 12\" record perfectly) three standing on the floor, and four in the Expedit shelf.

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      I really do like your mirror in the bathroom, by the way.[/quote:9gbmp2a4]
      Funny that you noticed the mirror… It’s a hallway mirror with a silver-colored frame that we found in a cheapskate shop for a few bucks. Instead of standing up, I flipped it to 1 side, and hang it in the bathroom. Easy does it! :lol:

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      all this talk about ikea reminds me of fight club.

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