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      but the show was awesome, the setlist was great, the whole night was great. i thought my kindeys were gonna fall out from the bass on siva, and i am pretty sure i will be blind and deaf tomarow, but i don’t care, it was the greatest!!

      i will post pics in the morning, and ghostchild is gonna post the 30 mins of the concert he was able to get on a disk, unfornantly i think that is all the time he had on the disk.

      but it has glow, and the sound is great. the audio turned out awesome, and he has billy talking after the aucstic set, it was hilarous, but i will post it tomarow, i can’t even tell you. if i did it would sound silly, but it was hilarous, no rant, just sillyness, and he danced and danced. his moves have gotten better. everyone looked great, it sounded great. and i loved the kuzoos.

      oh and after the show when he came over to us, we were waiting right by the tour bus/rv, across from where everyone else was standing, we were afraid after he talked to them, he wouldn’t talk to us, but he came over and someone asked about the kuzzo’s, and he said he couldn’t figure out what to do after pink floyd, so why not. it was great, he was eating califlour, and he was so close we could smell the cauliflower. he also talked about baseball, and that he liked kentucky, and that his grandmother is from kentucky. so we thought that was pretty neat, he said he has kentucky blood in him. he was really nice, but he said his policy now is not to give autographs after the show, he said if you find him during the day around town that he will sign them, but not after they show, he said not after the show because if one person got one, then he would have to sign everyones, we said that was ok, we were just glad he came over and talked to us, and we said thanks for the great show. i was afraid the jerky guys next to us would ruin it cause before he got there they were all, i wish he would have played zero, and going on and on about it. so last rose and i very loudly converesed about how stupid they were. i didn’t want to get in a fight because security would have made us leave. but those losers didn’t pipe up.

      i am just still so keyed up. but i have to go to bed soon.

      i had a great time, pictures, at least some of them tomarow, last rose will have to put up hers, they are way better than mine, but she probably can’t till she gets home tomarow.

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      YAY Bullet and company! I am glad you finally seen what I saw! Amazing isn’t it!!!
      At least you guys went to the tour bus to see him. I wussed out big time…I didn’t even go to the tour bus. I am intimidated by him…
      Great show wasn’t it :D

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      it was awesome. but my bladder couldn’t hold my margarita anymore right around heavy metal machine, so i hurried as fast as i could, but was only gone maybe 3 minutes.

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      Awesome bullet, finally some shows for the US freakies! And I really think they are playing their asses of over there for us. I heard the other 2 concerts after I downloaded them, and they ROCK!

      Now manilla goes to the tonight show, wonder if he has a great time too. At least you did, where is last rose’s review?

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      she is on her way home, she stayed over in louisville, i wish i could have also, but we had to come on home. i am gonna call her in a minute to see where she is.

      we had the best time. it was really awesome. they did rock hard. i was just so glad i finally got to see them, and we were very close, but not in any of the front rows. but close enough to see billy great. and i tried to see if jimmy had on stripy socks, but we couldn’t see.

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      and i tried to see if jimmy had on stripy socks, but we couldn’t see.[/quote:2q4079nd]
      You ARE a girl! No doubt! :lol:

      Seriously, it must have been awesome being there. I can imagine you went all shy and humble when being in his neighbourhood. Glad the "jerkey guys" didn’t take over the good moods there. Bullet, were there many younger fans too (like below 20), and older fans also, like 35+? Just curious.

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      there was such a mix of people. i saw younger kids (teens), being dropped off by thier parents, people around my age (20’s, 30’s) and people a little older than me, i noticed them because of the balding spot on the top of thier heads, which i had to cut out of alot of pics that i am gonna post here in a minute, i didn’t get alot to turn out great, but last rose did, so i am gonna make her upload them so i can see them again.

      but there was so many diffrent ages, it was really neat.

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      outside of the palace

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      That’s one thing that is so awesome about the shows-the mix of people you get :)
      how many bands get that?

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      Oh my god you actually saw Billy up close!

      If I happened to be in a group of people and he came to us and started babbling I don’t think I would say absolutely anything, not even look at him, then I’d probably regret it but OH OH I’m so glad you had such an awesome time! :D

      I also love the mix of ages- at my show you could see parents with their children rocking out.

      I can’t wait to see Manilla’s review!

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      I bet even the statue has been headbanging. 8)

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      they were, i should have gotten more inside pics, but i was just to excited and not thinking.

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      Great stuff, bullett, cheers for the post and pics, it’s like being there myself. 8)

      You clearly had great times and here’s some copy & paste from my friend’s email about the show:

      I’ll try and talk him into sending me .mp3s of the performance sometime, he recorded it on a small device of some sort. There’ll be several other versions released for d/l, in any case…

      Betcha dying to see another show again! :wink:

      \"We were in the 6th row almost on the middle aisle of the lower level section. The pit (about 4-5 rows) was in front of us, so in essence, we were in about the 10th row & close to the middle. We had a great view for the whole show. At the start there was a girl in front of me who was only about 4 ft. 11 inches tall (I’m about 6’2\" so I barely even noticed she was there). My dad is about 6′ so he had a good view as well. Later that girl moved down but was replaced by these 2 guys who were onlly about 5’8\" at the most, again, great view. We learned from BC that Ginger has recently married (bummer!). He said her new last name but I didn’t catch it. The highlight for me was Mayonaise but Siva was also very good. BWBW really got the crowd rawkin’ too.\"

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      yeah mayonase was great, but siva really rocked the joint. it was so loud and it sounded so great. i didn’t want it to end, and then i wanted them to play it again, i wish i could go to knoxville tonight to see them again.

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      Oh I agree Bullet..Siva rocked hard and I wanted it them to play it again or even some more goodies like that…Wasn’t it just a dreamy psychedelic type experience? Ah the memories…I want to go too, to all of them-the energy from the band is killer & then the light show-almost heaven!!!

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      here is me in my new t-shirt

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      Thats some nice pictures there bullett.real cool ones, and that t-shirt rocks, i want one of those :wink:

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      I want that tee so bad! It looks like it was very sunny and hot that day.

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      nice shirt :) totally would have bought one except I didn’t even think to take out more $ before hand

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      i brought extra just for it.

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      Well if I would have had inside info on prices I would have brought more-dammit to the 1st show,but I still loved it…

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      PMM just uploaded this pic. Awesome shirt bullet!

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      hey guys! we got home a little bit ago. the drive went good.

      but now for the important stuff… we met Billy! :) omg i couldn’t believe it! i couldn’t really say much, i think i managed to say the show was awesome and thank you. i wanted to ask him if i could have a hug but i was chicken :P i just mostly stared at him. i couldn’t help it! lol he is so cool. like bullet said, we were hoping he would come talk to us too and he did :) and i could smell the cauliflower he was eating too! and the show of course was amazing! i have some pics waiting for approval at i will try to post them here.

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      hey arthur, ghostchild took that pic and it is of right where me and last rose were sitting, that statue in my pic is the one in that one also, so you can kinda see where we were sitting.

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      hey bullet… look what i did! yay! except my pic is almost to small…

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      Nice…I need to post some

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      good job last rose, i am so proud of you. and you got the good one of billy with his head up, mine was just a second before yours.

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      awesome pics everyone. :) you look like you guys had a great time and thats really neat you saw Billy by the tour bus.

      and that new tour shirt is really neat looking. i really hope they add that stuff to the online store.

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      Kickass pictures everyone.Thanks so much for posting them 8) :D

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      I want that tee so bad! It looks like it was very sunny and hot that day.[/quote:3ps4c0vf]

      it usually is very hot, but lately it has just been nice out, not to humid, just the right temp, and a light breeze most days.

      they should have the t-shirt online soon, i was gonna wait, but i decided not to. i wanted it from the concert.

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      The shirt is awesome. I like that it also has a back design :)

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      did you see the pic of satty walking with billy???????????????????

      i am so jelous of her.

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      What pic? Who is satty?

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      i am glad i got my t-shirt at the concert too. i wouldn’t have been able to get it if they didn’t take credit cards :P i will have to get pics of me in it and post them tonight.

      yep, the weather has been nice lately, it’s weird for august.

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      what?oh now I am pissed. I had my credit card…but still the lines were nutty and the show was more important
      you 2 are lucky ladies :)

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      yeah, but she said it was like 4 seconds

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      yeah, i pmed her and asked her about it, she said it was a blur. and all she could think about was… well for those who know her, they know what she was thinking………… :wink: :wink:

      but here is the pic from

      and she is registred hree, just doesn’t come around to often satur999

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      and all she could think about was… well for those who know her, they know what she was thinking………… :wink: :wink: [/quote:2qxwwdz7]
      On this pic it looks like she is thinking back to the latest Muppet Show she saw on tv.


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      silly boy arthur, but yes along those lines.

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      yippie, we are like twins!!! but in two diffrent sizes! :P silly me, but i think i am still working on a lack of sleep since tuesday/wednesday.

      but you look fantabulous!

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      thank ya :) i love my sp shirt :)

      i am kinda sleepy too. i woke up at about 3:30 this morning with a bad dream and i couldn’t get back to sleep for a while. it was so weird though, i finally did fall back to sleep and the dream picked back up and kept going! it was scary and freaked me out!

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      that’s funny. i caught a redeye before the show as well. on tuesday, took a nap from 2-3 PM and was up until Wednesday, 12:30 PM. Took nap from 12:30 to 4, then went to show. I was about as tired as my son!

      then had to get up at 5 this morning and work all day. hence the delay in getting on this forum!


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      i’m sorry, hope you don’t get that again tonight, it is hard to type cause squishy butt, one of the kittens thinks that my hand is a toy. jimmy is much better behaved.

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      you named your kitties squishy butt and jimmy, hehe :lol: nice

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      well jimmy’s full name is jimmy \"kitty monster\" chamberlin, paul added the kitty monster. he is such a laid back little kitty that he remined me of jimmy, and i am pretty sure he is a genius on the drums like jimmy too, so that had to be taken into account. and squish is just a cutie pie little girl.

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      well jimmy’s full name is jimmy "kitty monster" chamberlin, paul added the kitty monster. he is such a laid back little kitty that he remined me of jimmy, and i am pretty sure he is a genius on the drums like jimmy too, so that had to be taken into account. and squish is just a cutie pie little girl.[/quote:25x4oh9t]

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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      that is funny :wink:

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      they are both laying on one of my legs right now, asleep, squish is being jimmy’s pillow.

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      Finally it’s posted. That’s what I have been waiting for :)
      I just checked the other day and nothing

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      it is acting wierd on my computer so i am gonna put it on my mp3 player and maybe go ahead and burn it. but i can’t i only have 1 disk left. i need more. it says 2 disks.

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      whoever recoded it did an awesome job on it. the audio is awesome.

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      Wow, kickass sound.Great find.Thanks.Took under 1 min to download the show. :D

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      you know you can search any pumpkins live on there and see what pulls up I got Davenport off there instead of what was posted here

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      ghostchild finally got some of the vids up, this one i had to link to cause it was so funny, this is the banter part.

      he started taping after billy started talking so this is what was said before the vid starts

      billy– thank you very much…………… before we start the second half of the show this is where i usually say something stupid…………. something really stupid this guy says…… here why don’t you say something really stupid…………….

      then he hands the guy the mic………. then watch the vid

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