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      I’m a Cult Hero

      01. Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans
      02. Behold! The Night Mare
      03. Bring The Light
      04. Tonight, Tonight
      05. Mayonaise
      06. Try, Try, Try
      07. Superchrist
      08. (Come On) Let’s Go
      09. Stellar
      10. Perfect
      11. Lily (My One And Only)
      12. The Rose March
      13. Today
      14. Tarantula
      15. Stand Inside Your Love
      16. Ava Adore
      17. Drown
      18. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
      19. 1979
      20. That’s The Way (My Love Is)
      21. My Blue Heaven
      22. The Everlasting Gaze
      23. Cash Car Star (Easy Living [Uriah Heep] + Foreplay + For What It’s Worth + Wasted Years )
      24. Daydream
      25. Wound
      26. United States

      27. I Don’t Mind
      28. Cherub Rock

      I really loved this gig, I’d seen them 3 times before this, and this is easily one of the best of them.
      The band were in great form, laughing and smiling throughout, towards the end Billy spent something like 10/15 minutes just joking around with us/ranting about modern music.
      I was pretty near the front, and everyone was going crazy for every single song even though the younger ones didn’t know the words to the lesser known songs, there was a great vibe.
      Gig lasted somewhere around 2 hours 45 minutes, I enjoyed every second of it,
      I made this video of Lily at it :

      Also got quite a few pics, you don’t need to add me or anything, the pics are public don’t worry ;)

      Oh, and hi there, I’m new btw :P

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      sounds like you had a good time. neat pics.

      and welcome! :)

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      sounds like you had a good time. neat pics.

      and welcome! :)[/quote:34wrgybj]
      I second that! Looks like the Irish are conquering our boards. Be welcome, Cult Hero!

      Happen to be a collector of vinyl or CDs or so also? Just curious. :D

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      great pics :)

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      Yeah. I loved this one.

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      its a good one :)

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      Im a Cult Hero

      Thanks guys :)
      Yeah I had a great time, though I heard it wasn’t as much fun outside the pit, and there were problems with the sound (which I expected, as the RDS is a terrible venue) at some points.
      I have to admit though, United States did overstay it’s welcome a bit, don’t get me wrong, I like the song, but by the time it hit the 20 minute mark, I was kinda wishing they would play another song :o
      I wasn’t aware there was a strong Irish presence here, that’s pretty cool :)

      Yeah I collect CD’s though my collection is probably microscopic compared to some of you guys ;)
      I have no vinyl yet but I do intend to at least get all the studio albums on vinyl when chance and finances meet in a glorious collaboration :P

      Glad you like the pics, feel free to take any you want to use however you want, it’s all gravy :)

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      I wasn’t aware there was a strong Irish presence here, that’s pretty cool :)[/quote:1g6tqmz8]
      Haha, don’t get me wrong… There might be more Irish, but we don’t know really where everybody is from, when they don’t fill in their country, you know… Let’s say you are the Exploration Team and just behind you is the Irish Army of SP fans. :wink:

      Well let’s hope for that anyway! Everybody is welcome on this small and humble board! 8)

      Have fun here Cult Hero, nice to meet you. You should post 1 of the pics with you on it here, they are pretty cool. Kinda gothic you say? Noooo, not this person! :lol:

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      Lucky sod!


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      Aye – aye, welcome aboard, fellow Pumpkin. :wink:

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      Im a Cult Hero

      You should post 1 of the pics with you on it here, they are pretty cool. Kinda gothic you say? Noooo, not this person! :lol:[/quote:3pu0pu1b]

      Lol if I’m right about which photo’s your talking of, they are old photo’s, like 9 years ago old.
      Ah my old goth/androgeny phase :P
      I don’t really look like that anymore ;)

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      So not goth then? :)

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      Im a Cult Hero

      Still into the music, but I’ve gotten too lazy to keep up the look :P

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      so you listen to music besides the SP?

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      Im a Cult Hero

      Uh-oh…..I’ve been rumbled! :P
      Yeah all the goth standards would be among my all time faves (but of course all below SP), The Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy etc. etc. :)

      I just remembered a little random bit from the gig :
      During the banter bit, Billy was giving out about bands using pro-tools to \"fix\" their music, \"We’re not like them\", then he asks everyone to raise their hands for whom this was their first SP gig, and he said \"and so now you know……we get this S*** done\" and threw up gang signs :P
      Me and my friend constantly quote that bit to each other, still makes us laugh :p

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      Thats cool. I like Joy Division and The Cure, some Siouxsie too. But less than Pumpkins of course. :lol:

      Funny Billy bit. :)

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      billy is such a silly boy, i wonder what gang signs he threw up? :D

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      i wonder to? do you have pics? :lol:

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      Im a Cult Hero

      I wasn’t able to see properly because of the angle he was at when he did it.
      No didn’t manage to get it on camera.
      He also did Jazz hands to My Blue Heaven and a weird kinda ballet style dance during Lindas keyboard solo :P

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      funny :lol:

      he looks silly when he dances

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      jazz hands!!! :lol:

      i love that!!!

      yes, billy dances like me, crazy and strange!

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      speaking of billy’s dancing again, i am remided of the video for tarantula, he doesn’t have a guitar in front of him, so he has to move his hands all over, he just looks kinda uncofortable, and then he tosses the mic stand between hands, and then a second later does something with the mic stand again and the microphone falls off, and he laughs, i thought that was funny.

      maybe that doesn’t have much to do with it at all, oh, this darn glue, get’s me all crazy

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      Yeah, that video is not the greatest and it does seem kind of uncomfortable. And I don’t know if anyone agrees with me, but I kind of thought it was a cop-out with all the extras and the flashy colors. It just didn’t cut it when you consider some of their video masterpieces like Tonight,Tonight and Ava Adore (which he dances in too but it works). The Tarantula video was just kind of ok to me.

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      i agree, i liked the video for that’s the way much better. it was better than taurantula, not near as good as tonight tonight, but hey, i really like any video with billy in it. :wink:

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      I agree. That’s The Way My Love Is was a much better video. It was still missing that extra something though, that would have taken it from a decent video to a really good one. His more recent videos just havn’t been as up to par as earlier efforts, except for Walking Shade. I love that one.

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      no argument here.

      oh i still can’t get over the jazz hands!

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      Im a Cult Hero

      Found a video of some of the banter towards the end, including the bits I mentioned, looks like my memory isn’t quite so hot, It’s hard to tell but he doesn’t seem to throw up gang signs, but maybe he does *shrugs* I dunno.
      (The then start playing Cherub Rock)

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      but hey, i really like any video with billy in it. :wink:[/quote:263hcmc4]

      What about replicas of billy? Such as a porcelain head made up to look like Billy?

      Because in that case, you should watch Starfuckers inc. by Nine Inch Nails :lol:

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      no mostly just real billy. i have never seen that video, i might watch it. but i would watch billy read the phone book, so yeah any thing with real billy.

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      Im a Cult Hero

      Heres a few more random vids from the night :

      \"Danny Boy\" & \"Today\"

      \"My Blue Heaven\" – The guy using the camera manages to completely miss the dancing bit, ansd cuts it off right before the last jazz hands (he also missed the first jazz hands at the start of the song)

      Now it looks like I’m making this stuff up :P

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      aww, you can’t controll the people with the cameras, i belive you, cause it sounds like stuff that silly billy would do.

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      Was there an American flag displayed at this show? I can’t recall off the top of my head…

      I read somewhere that the flag’s been raised and lowered several times during gigs and it’s only a recent discovery.

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      Im a Cult Hero

      Nope, no flag for us, the venue was indoors and too small for them to bring the full stadium show out.

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      Im a Cult Hero

      Oh and I noticed you didn’t have a ticket for this one in the collection :

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