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      some pumpkins


      But seriously, this sucks so much. This is the first time (that I remember) that either of my parents have been unemployed. There has been a level of fear that my dad will be made redundant for a while now – he has basically no job security, but hasn’t really done anything else for ~25 years so hasn’t got many other valuable skills, AND he’s 50, so he hasn’t got amazing employment prospects. So I’ve suddenly got all this financial worry.

      I’ve ALSO got a shitload of really important exams this week! Can anybody say stress?

      So how was your day?

      (And I know I haven’t been very active around her of late. Exams, you see)

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      :( I’m sorry to hear that. Exams, no fun either.

      Can we say Happy Monday :?
      I hope everything works out..stay positive :D

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      I hope everything goes well too. :D

      My mom used to be unemployed and our family went into the poor house a couple of years back but we recovered. She does have a new job now.

      So, I am sure everything will be fine just give it time.

      Plus, it’s the beginnig of the week, everything gets better by the end of the weeek. :D

      Like Reggaeluv said, the best thing is to stay positive even if you feel the opposite of that right now.

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      that’s too bad superlord. i hope everything gets better for you and your family. :( and i wish you the best of luck on your exams. :wink:

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      yeah, what blue said. just focus on the exams for now. let your parents worry about the money. :?

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      that really sucks! you know that i’m trying to work for NHS after 5 months i have zero interviews to attend…

      this economy crisis is afecting everyone everywhere…

      focus on your exams, and try to stay positive. i know that is extremelly dificult but you have to.

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      the others pretty much said what i would have said. i hope everything works out for your family! hugs!

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      some pumpkins

      superlord, it’s just another recession. actually, it’s one mother of a recession that happens to be affecting the whole world. my mom’s been out for work for the last year and a half, but we’re getting by. its just another part of the cycle. things will definately get better. all you need is time. and good luck on the exams.

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