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      This is an idea I’ve got.

      I reckon the entire world should switch to a 13 months-a-year system. Why?

      Well, let’s looks at the numbers.

      365 days a year – 365/12 equals just over 30 days per month, but 365/13 equals just over 28 days per month. 364/13 equals 28 exactly. Through this, we can have perfect 4 week months on all but one month of the year. Hell, we could have 13 perfect months a year, and just throw an extra day at the end as an international holiday or something!

      I think this idea is a vast improvement over the current system, because it makes more logical sense and isn’t as messy.

      The only problem with it are triskaidekaphobics…


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      well…I would say
      WHY NOT
      What could possibly go wrong with it..nothing just people over reacting to a change. It makes sense, but in this world what makes sense to most never happens…LOL
      Seeing it put that way I can’t believe we use the current system..maybe if you put the dollar factor in it they might change..You could trick them and say ‘you get an extra month to make $$’

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      Lol, he said \"triskaidekaphobic\".

      What, pray tell, would you choose to name said additional month?

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      Nah, I don’t know. It’s not up to me to name a month. Everybody should have a say.

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      yeah, they can put out some names and have people all over the world vote, and then the one that wins gets the month.

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