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      i can’t hardly wait till the new single comes out, but untill then i thought i would go through my catalog of pumpkins songs and pick out some that i haven’t heard in a while to listen to.

      so what are you gonna do till then?

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      i can’t wait either

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      i’ve been listening to stuff i haven’t heard in a while too. i have a ton of stuff on my mp3 and i’ve been setting it to shuffle lately and i have to say i haven’t heard some of those SP songs in a really long time. i think i’ve also gained a new appreciation for a few too. :)

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      yeah, in addition to not being able to wait, i have been relisting, and what is funny i listen to songs i haven’t heard in years (literally) and i still know all the words!

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      i know, i still know all of the words too.

      sometimes i find for whatever reason, that i get some random pumpkin song stuck in my head- one i haven’t even listened to in a long time. and i still remember the words. i guess pumpkin songs kind of stick with you. :wink:

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      yeah, when i get a song stuck in my head i have to listen to it to get it to quit.

      oh hey, we took the convo out of the apointed talking forum. well we should pick it up back over there! :D

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      When I get it- I’m going to head to the beach with my dog, and smirk my way though a new satisfyingly awesome smashing Pumpkins session.

      YES SMIRK I SAY. Because I’ll be in the know.

      And then expose it’s expected general coolness-ness to my friends and family, whether they want to hear it or not.


      Does anyone have -any- idea of what kind of song it’ll be? Or, what they’d -like- it to be ‘like’?

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      so what are you gonna do till then?[/quote:30plegvq]
      nothing special.

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      phil— no but they said it will be unrelated to zietgiest, so who knows, but i am so excited! i know whatever they do will be so awesome. i am really excited. :D

      cool as ice cream– i am sorry. i hope something special happens inbetween now and then.

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      I’m going to be breathing a lot, amongst other things.

      At the moment I’ve been really into cycling through SP albums, from Gish to Machina, then round again. Perhaps it’s like mental preparation or something. :)

      My guess will be something like a track nobody’s heard anything about before, or version of something early in their history.

      In any case, not long now, it’s gonna be rawkin’ it, ba-by. \\m/

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      I’ll be breathing and eating quite a lot as well =).

      I am so excited! I really do not mind knowing what type of song it’ll be for now, I’m ecstatic by the simple fact that it’s going to be a new one. I wonder if it will be commercialized?

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      ^ That is quite…interesting AHAHA XD.

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      jawn till dusk

      I have the same birthday as this man.haha! :D

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      Believe it or not I play SP songs as my lullaby 8)

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      me too. i have a list on my mp3 player, it has all really nice soft sp songs, and i never make it through the whole thing.

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      me too. i have a list on my mp3 player, it has all really nice soft sp songs, and i never make it through the whole thing.[/quote:3n2beeet]

      is it farewell and goodnight, before you make it to Farewell and Goodnight. :lol:

      i fall asleep too, before i listen to the rest of my bedtime tracks. :wink:

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      yes, i have porcelina about near the end, but i am lucky if i make it to it.

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      thats a good song, but a long one. :lol:
      i would fall asleep too.

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