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    is that the answer or is that your word? i am confused, but i did just get up from a nap.

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    thank you, i love the other site, but some members just can’t play nice with others. maybe in a few months when i have overcome the trama of the video i can watch it again and maybe see what the others do in it.

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    yes, that is how it is played!!! back with avengance. like i said before rock on with your bad self.

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    my opinion if it matters, i don’t really like the video, i have the song on my mp3 player and listen to it everyday, but the vid is just not what i like to watch from the pumpkins, i like tonight tonight also. but some have said it has a symbolistic meaning, and i can see that, but it don’t make me like it any better. now don’t cuss at me for saying that, cause i got called all sorts of names on another unnamed site for saying these things.

    and if anyone needs a wma file for the song i can email it to you.

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    vinyl would be cool, i like those too.

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    well it might take a little while to get used to a game, silly.

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    i used to have lots of stuff, but my mom threw it away long ago, she is not very nice. i moved out and then she moved and failed to tell me that she was getting rid of my sp stuff. i still am mad at her for that, and it has been 10 years. but i am slowly trying to recollect things, you all have great stuff, i am very jelous of you. when i have moved i am going to have a room for my many collections, and then i can really start to collect some good stuff.

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    oh and the costumes of the others, so you think they just all wear the colors that go along with the album, and i see lisa with the stripes, so maybe they all just want to kinda match in a non conventional way. i dunno, just thinking out loud, again. :roll:

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    ok, so what do you think the dress represents? me, i have no idea, but he has been wearing them for a while now. but in some of the shows this year he wore that little outfit — the knee shorts with buttons and the socks pulled up, now with the skirts he has his socks pushed down, and i read somewhere, or seen somewhere, him talking about a return to saturn, something about astrology i think. i will have to go look again, but i think that is where the saturn shirt comes in. then there is the 999 shirt, any thougths on it?

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    yes they could, those sneaky viruses.

    and i like to be able to hold the cd in my hands.

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    We managed to capture a little chat from our logs.

    [22:03] hi Jimmy
    [22:04] [Jimmy] Hey billy. How’s it going?

    that is way too funny. :lol:

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    neat pic, i hadn’t seen it before, well untill Today. :D

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    ok, been reading alot of posts, and this is the first time i have posted, but jimmy wrote a new blog and it went up yesterday on here is what he said

    March 24, 2008 – Message from Jimmy

    Posted By
    JimmyChamberlin Hello music lovers.

    As the tour winds down I would just like to say what a pleasure and an honor it was to play for so many of you. I try to never forget that my job is a sacred privilege. Music, the thing that binds you to me and all of us to the Universe is my light.

    Let me also say that this band, The Smashing Pumpkins, will continue to write, record, release, and perform AS LONG AS WE ARE ABLE!

    Some of you may have read bits of an interview that was done in confidence by yours truly in which I say that the Pumpkins probably won’t record cd’s anymore. What I meant by this is this: Although we may not use the \"album\" or \"full length cd\" as a format anymore, WE WILL WRITE AND RECORD MUSIC UNTIL WE ARE DEAD!!!!!!!! WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!!!!!!!!

    I could go on about how I was stolen from, violated, lied to by some ignoble journalist, but what’s the point?

    I choose light.

    Love Jimmy.

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