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    Arthur, you have the rips that are known to the fans. This Greta Garbo tape hasn’t surfaced yet. Hopefully one day will.

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    There’s this Marked pic I remember seeing 4 years ago, Most of the fans might not seen this one. Searching extensively the web found it in a marked youtube vid. Here’s the link.

    It’s Billy and Ron. It would be my guess this is from their florida stint.

    What do you guys think about this?

    Have you guys seen it?

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    damn… there’s some massive amount of saved images on a pc’s hdi do not intend to use pretty soon somewhere upstairs…
    somehow, I can’t seem to recognise these posters from something I’ve saved / seen before…
    totally amazing to see these unearthed…

    i once was pretty close to compiling a pretty good picture of The Marked…
    I had contacts with Dale and Ron (and BC)…

    somehow I ditched the idea/plan.

    pretty much as i got to know BC did not want me to dig further.
    pretty much as it’s a fair game for someone living there, not working from The Netherlands…

    still: having all the demo’s (first gen to cdr) and The Marked 2 track video is a real gem in my collection…

    could have, should have gone further maybe.

    with all the materials I might be able to put together a somewhat comprehensive narrative of The Marked.
    and sell it to Rolling Stone or whatever.

    and: sever all – however sketchy – ties with/to BC forever for doing that.

    I rather for once hear the Greta Garbo song…
    and the rest of The Marked acoustic tape.
    I know it’s there and out.

    It’s been so long…
    I know who has something and all. I think I have a real photo of The Marked somewhere…

    Worked so hard on this back when, when hardly anybody seemed to care…

    Now it is over and done for me.

    Can’t see the effort in trying to contact all these people again. So close. So far away…
    …said sadly.[/quote:3359marz]

    Great post. I also went very far while I was living in Chicago. Contacted more than 10 ppl who knew and were related to the marked/sp early days. If anyone cares there is a 3rd marked video in Dale’s basement. It’s pretty accessible to get it… somehow lost interested in the marked thing. These days I’m no longer interested in doing research BUT I would love to get to listen the Greta Garbo tape or the real NEC. Hopefully it’s in the archives. Remember talking to Lou Hinkhouse over the phone in 2009 asking if he had the Pulse Cable Show. He told me he did, but wasn’t going to share… amazingly 3 years later it was released with the reissues.
    Talked three times over the phone with Dave Asselin, he claims he has the Greta Garbo tape, BUT he is over the pumpkins and claimed he didn’t wanted to do the digging part. It is out there, for sure.

    Finally, was the Greta Garbo tape accoustic? Heard about it before, but I was never sure about it.

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    Does anyone know who found the new marked posters?
    Whoever found those might have a connection with the band.

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    Thanks for the info. Yes I just realized that enlarging the picture won’t help.
    This is a tape from the time the marked was in florida, for sure. 1986 most likely.
    Who is this pro RBD?

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    Now that the archive project is shaping up, I might bring this topic more often when I get to see anything new from the early days of the band.

    There’s a picture just added on TSP official fb site, where billy shows a picture of his first demo machine he got when he was 18, in 1985. He started doing solo/marked demos with this machine all the way until the early days of the pumpkins that’s my guess. There’s a tape laying there, and I’m very intrigued about the songlist of it. I believe it’s a marked tape because I could read a track called \"Alone Inside\" which is from the marked days. I wonder if anyone can help me enlarge the picture and see the complete setlist.

    Here’s the link … =1&theater


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    After more than a year, I’m reviving this thread… feels weird.

    The only thing I can add besides the great news about the archives (which makes my search about early sp history pointless now that everything is in the archives and hopefully will be released soon). I found out that the guys from SPLRA just added a new song to the first ever SP show.
    This show is from June 9th 1988. Last year it had \"Lock Me Up\" as the only song on their setlist, but now that I check, they added \"Bleed\". I’m guessing this is the same version as the MP version cuz it features only 1 guitar and 1 bass hence Billy and James only with a drum machine.
    Interesting, I wonder how this guys got the info about Bleed played in the first SP show.

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    Like Sven said Hippy Trippy is a song…never heard before. Joe S. also told me a couple of months ago over the phone that he has a tape with this song and other pre-gish, gish songs in it as well.
    I’m really pumped about the stuff in the archives!

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    October 1986 is the date that billy and ron returned to florida. To tell you the truth, we don’t know if The Marked was still in Chicago after that, but if billy will release stuff from 1986 it has to be his solo work. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson after releasing that minute video of the marked in Vieuphoria which ended in a big lawsuit. Also, he started the Nothing Ever Changes project in 1986, and lasted up to 1987 and this is not The Marked, it’s billy’s solo work. What I’m trying to say is that I think he will release the real NEC, and that \"Greta Garbo\" tape instead of The Marked material. Still, I’m assuming there are a few Marked songs in both of these tapes, at least there are in the Greta tape.

    It’s true that billy sometimes is not good dating his music. But hey we took as granted that \"I Fall\" was recorded in dec 1987.
    And yes, it’s true Hope doesn’t sound like an 80’s tape, but who knows maybe it is…. truth and time will tell my friend.

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    Yes, that Marked tape contains material even from January 1987. But the band broke up in October 1986. There are a very few songs from that tape that were recorded in Chicago by billy, between oct 1986-jan 87. I think \"Earth Stood Still\", \"Christina\", and \"Now that I feel\" are from this period of time. \"Now that I feel\" features Len Ayala in bass and \"Christina\" features Ron in vocals. I would say the marked broke up in florida because when he returned to chicago he started doing all these solo demos that are in the archives. Ron would say it was still the marked, but it really wasn’t, it was billy’s solo demos with the help of Len and sometimes Ron. He talks about it in his confessions.

    Interesting pointing out what Jesse Miller said, I never heard that he said that. It might be true though, but it’s odd that Dave would state otherwise.

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    And about the early Hope song, yes that’s the \"Hope\" Tape or \"Greta Garbo\" tape from late 1986-early 1987.
    I don’t think it was re-recorded in 1992, Dave Asselin says it’s the same as the Hope tape from the marked period. He owns the tape, he confirmed this, as well as giving a copy to billy which I assume it’s in the archives.

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    I promise the announcement when it comes will not disappoint. Involves SP music from 1986 to the present…as big as it gets for us.[/quote:3hs0rjir]

    :shock: :shock: :shock:

    :D :D :D

    music from 1986 = the tape from Joe Shanahan ?

    has the songs: There It Goes, Under Your Spell, Armed to the Teeth etc

    …..and all the other music onwards that has been previously unreleased! :D

    that must mean he has the rights to it all now?[/quote:3hs0rjir]

    The tape you are referring that Joe owns is from 1988, and yes he still has it since I talked to him over the phone about it a couple of months ago.

    Billy is referring to the 1986 material he made when he returned from florida to chicago after the marked broke up in october 1986. When he returned to chicago he started doing solo demo’s which are basically billy corgan solo. Ron Roesing and Len Ayala also collaborated in some songs. In 1986 he started a project he called "The Nothing Ever Changes" and it was his attempt for a first album. He is referring to this material in 1986, before he met James. The "Greta Garbo" or "Hope" tape are exactly from this time too (late 1986-early 1987). Both this tapes (NEC and Hope tape) are in archives and I’m assuming there’s even more stuff about this years there.

    I’m really excited about this because I’ve been researching this years (1986-1989) for years and now we know for sure that the stuff will come out.

    Check out the thread I started more than a year ago, it’s called Billy Corgan Early Demo’s if you are interested.

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    When did you knew about Dave giving the tape to Billy? When you were doing the world could feed your lies articles?

    Dave had told me two stories so far. Last year he said he had a copy, yesterday he said he gave all to billy. Maybe he has a copy, but he doesn’t want to dig it or share it.

    As far as Metro, I bet is unbeliavable. Every big pumpkin fan should go there.

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    I will chronicle it, whenever I go to the metro, hopefully sometime in the next few months. It’s a very cool find to see \"My Eternity\", \"Bleed\", \"Screaming\", \"Armed to the Teeth\" and who knows what else in its studio version. This might come from the 12 song recordings from 1988 with a drum machine.

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    Just talked to Dave and Joe Shanahan over the phone.
    I thought Dave owned a copy of it, since he told me he did last year. Well, he says he gave his copy tto billy 5 years ago. Joe doesn’t seem to find this tape, CW heard that tape on his office years ago… wonder what happened. Interestingly, Joe owns a tape of 8 songs given to him in 1988 with studio versions of Bleed, My Eternity, Screaming, Armed to the teeth, Hippy Trippy and can’t remember what else he said. He told me he can’t share this tape, but I can stop by the Metro and listen to it.

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    SFAS: 9/10
    WWMM: 7/10
    SIT: 9/10
    AP: 6/10

    Pretty good EP in my opinion. Stitch and SFAS are awesome.

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    Yup, just a rumour. I remember that time when they said there was going to be a south american tour in late 2007.. at that time I was in Peru visiting my family, anyway it never happenned.

    The only thing I like about the actual SP is that they might play a few shows in a really small crowd, and it haven’t been like this since 2000. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a show with \"real\" fans and maybe meet the band.

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    I think she is losing her mind. She is revealing too much info, and she is only damaging her relationship with billy.

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    In the SP board they were bitching about it. They are not cool with people downloading the song for free.

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    God dammit, I really thought it was true though I didn’t got to hear the tape.

    Ancient Times sound a title Corgan would use.

    Anyway, what’s the name of the band Corgan played?
    I mean, you told me its name was Remove That Bible like more than 2 months ago, so you’ve planning this joke since then?

    Clarify please.

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    If this is from 1982, he was playing in another band called \"Lex\" with his high school friends.
    Another billy’s bands out there was Coat of Eyes which started in 1983. There is a tape out there which Greg Bates owns. If someone is really interested in getting a hold of this tape, you can contact him through myspace.

    I wonder Arthur, how in the hell did you first got info on this band?

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    I think that from any other site.

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    Damm I can’t open that archive. I’ve been having problems with Megaupload lately.
    Can anyone please help me upload it in another site??

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    Thanks a lot Arthur!
    Very good find, it would be great if you could upload the pictures.

    Stay tuned because I’m in the process of getting a hold of never before seen Marked videos!

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    It’s funny that you guys mention J. Mascis, I bought their latest album a couple of days ago (Farm) and it rocks!

    I voted for billy though, I think billy is better guitar player.

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