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    you could just record it with something that has record function… or check any site that has rare pumpkins downloads… that way you don’t have to scratch it![/quote:19pvn3s8]
    yeah i know… for the first option i was too lazy & lack of proper equipment, the second option i have never figured out. you seem to know your way around on da net however, where could I find bullet train in mp3? that way I would be able play it in the car…

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    ha! that’s a good 1 because I have 2 songs in this section: bullet train to osaka (from I am one 10 incher) & marquis in spades from the zero cd single. first one makes me sooo happy when I hear it (which is not often, because I hate to scratch it unpurposely) and marquis is just one of those underrated rockin’ classics that make me grind my teeth and shake my head.

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    no kidding! could you check for this one: but it says only 1500 made? would be awesome if they got it… hey man you got me excited already! keep me posted on this board, I opened a post in another section here

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    cool! good price! are you a collector of pumpkins vinyl then? I’m looking for I am one vinyl (the 7 incher), seen it around maybe?

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    toad32r, again you seem to say what I wanted to say! and you know what’s so funny: the hardest rockin’ tunes of the pumpkins make me quiet and peaceful. weird huh

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    I rock hard in my wheelchair in the lobby of a home for the elderly. I’m 40 years old. :lol:

    in reply to: Billy’s new \"Costume\"? #1995

    I mean here:

    Been waiting around the last seven years for the Smashing Pumpkins to re-assemble? Now that they have, it’s time to ask them your burning questions. This is the place to upload your video queries! The band will select a handful and bring you their responses!

    Tips for a good question to Ask A Pumpkin?

    — Keep it simple and direct, questions should be under 30 seconds.
    — Be original – ask them whatever is on your mind. Anything, go ahead.
    — The Pumpkins want to see and hear you — zoom in, camera steady and let your voice be heard loud and clear.
    — Final questions are selected by the Smashing Pumpkins.
    — All questions are subject to YouTube’s terms of service.

    Now it’s time to get your video camera and Ask A Pumpkin!

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    yeah and talking about the costumes… I was kinda surprised to see them like that, but now I’m used to it. but I have no idea what statement Billy/the band wants to make here. well… I can think of something however: bring the daily life back to the basics, choose for yourself without being selfish and at least have an opinion of your own… makes sense? guess not. but black and white leaves that impression with me anyway. we should ask him, i just found out on their homepage that we can upload a video with questions to the band. don’t have a proper cam however :(

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    nvm. missed it at first glance. Germany gets the DVD…great. See you on ebay.[/quote:23n92jzx]
    is the dvd already on ebay? wasn’t the releasedate 07-10-07????

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    yeah i could do that now actually :) thanks![/quote:2kkvqygq]
    yw mate, enjoy the show :)

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    ugh… i havent heard it yet (bad pumpkins fan!) but i’m really not sure. it may be, may not. i believe it was written and may have been recorded for zeitgeist, so you never know, it may be![/quote:c5gm6yn5]
    well, i hope so. a few days ago i read the homepage here and it said there’s a video of Rock Am Ring on at that time it wasn’t available however… :cry: you should see it when you got bit of time left.

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    To this day I can not listen to it with out feeling the same way I did that day.[/quote:3k8wfrst]
    That’s what i have with Soma yeah. and sometimes when I’m really into it, it brings out emotions I cannot explain, kinda deep :oops:

    in reply to: Zeitgeist Releases #1961

    yeah actually i did hear dead from above on the pumpkins homepage, but it was on a youtube link or something like that. looked like a fanmade thingy. with toys and shuttles and lasers hahaha! kinda funny. but the song was really not bad indeed. talkin’ about the tracks, i’ve seen gossamer on Rock Am Ring stream with that funny hippierocker person (Scorpions related?) on guitar. would that be released as a b-side somewhere? i do hope so because it’s awesome!

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    thanks Superlordspamulon! (long name! cool name, but I had to recheck twice to spell it right :lol: ) so i guess just buy those 2 cd’s (book/dvd) and maybe the single for a good price later on ebay might cover it all huh…

    in reply to: Billy’s new \"Costume\"? #1989

    toad32r, I totally agree with you! somehow there’s a lot of negativity surrounding the band, I really don’t know why… blabla about darcy and james iha (who cares? this band is cool! they played with different members anyway over the years, right?) and blabla about why it should or should or should not be called Pumpkins. Billy is probably more creative when he can use that name/concept, who am I to say something else or judge it. I just like the music (again) and that’s what keeps me fan, right?

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    8 different versions? All with extra bonustracks/dvd’s/books? I’m only gonna buy the dvd and the book and when the limited yellow version looks cool, i might consider that one also… they are pretty cheap however, i mean compared to the standard cd price here and there… or are they expecting iTunes to take over the market?

    in reply to: SOO MANY MEMORIES……. #1982

    memories fade, not this one :D

    However, it’s not really pumpkins related, sorry… it was with a Zwan concert, when I shouted \"Jimmy!!!\" a few times (while everybody screamed for Billy of course), and he looked at me to figure out where I was, then I put 2 thumbs up and he smiled, went on drumming for a few seconds, looked at me again and quickly sticked his drumstick to me and smiled again… geezz, that was sooo awesome!

    in reply to: CAN THERE BE ONLY ONE? (Favorite Pumpkins Song) #1998

    I guess my number one would be Soma, and Zero is pretty rockin’, United States is awesome live (remember Rock Am Ring stream?) and well… An ode to no one from the dvd makes me wanna shake my head also. I guess I like the rockin’ parts of the pumpkins, who’s with me?

Viewing 18 posts - 301 through 318 (of 318 total)