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    You can’t bee serious, Orchid! That is your favorite video! Wow.[/quote:2p4w3vdl]
    wow like in being sarcastic? or because you agree? seriously i like that vid very much because i didn’t see it too much on tv, and its not on the greatest hits dvd, so it’s almost mythical to me! the weird guitars, people floating around, and the song is really quite something also… gives me the shivers… really.

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    LOL, well, what are my choices?![/quote:1u7h41eh]
    could you send a pigeon? or give your address (not here but PM me) and i’ll send it on a cd? i could zip it also and use you have a gmail account maybe with 2.5+ GB so i send them there? any other options? we’ll work it out :lol:

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    actually… yeah…. a bit…. not too much though… here is here and now is now right… though some nostalgia and \"mellon collie\" running through my blood is not bad either hehehehe :D

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    on my side it goes to a webarchive of the old pumpkins site, but with many dead links and no pics unfortunately… not much left of the pre-2000 legacy :cry:

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    I have never been able to find any songs by The Marked. Any ideas?[/quote:gx5m8yrn]
    yup, i got some for you, the tracks from a demo/live tape they made in 9/10-1986 and a few more. there’s probably more out there, maybe not, but this is already pretty cool. 1 funny discovery you will do is an extremely early version of spiteface! how you want them? it are 22 songs on mp3 124 MB btw

    but yeah, Billy knows what he’s doing, and i have every confidence that he’ll keep making quality music :D[/quote:1y4jg5rf]
    that’s what it is all about huh… the rest is a waste of time talking about. it’s a fact they are calling themselves pumpkins, they don’t have iha and darcy, but so what? they do make quality music in the spirit of the pumpkins from the nineties, and that’s what is important to me alone. well just my humble opinion, but i was kinda mad and got tired of it today when i read all that bloody stuff. grrrrrr

    yeah you’re right the red zeitgeist might be the worst selling release after all hahaha! everybody is stuffed with the yellow, purple, blue, green and whatever colors for getting some kinda bonustrack, and the reds are whining in the stocks everywhere hahahaha! they might even find someday the black edition from brazil, the white edition from south africa and the clear vinyl in japan. think of it… for you collectors out there, besides this forum i have some contacts on other places also. they say they have found japanese, taiwanese, malaysian, australian and probably new zealand (not sure) releases also. they think it are all the red versions however, no bonustracks

    And no-one would dare to go against Billy – he could crush the non-fans with a single note of his guitar :P[/quote:2xlydlee]

    amen! :D

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    so you’re saying of all the items floating around out there, you want TAFH? :?[/quote:1og9uap7] err… yeah
    i don’t know why, but i do. of course i want the rare stuff, but TAFH is the most likely one out of those i’ll get :lol:
    Of course it’s not the one i want most. but it’s actually slightly tangible :P[/quote:1og9uap7]
    i can understand superlord, that box set is rather widely available however kinda expensive. i remember i bought it for 27.50 bucks but now the prices can be double or triple that

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    I’m always looking for machina art. I became a fan after they broke up and it started with machina so the album has some great value to me. Besides that i think almost all the artwork is really beautifull. So if anyone have some poster leftovers ;).[/quote:3ucqwt1e]
    seen that recent upload on here seiko? that machina litho thingy? let me find it for ya… here you go

    either you download the pics and print em or just keep on longing! kidding mate… but they are awesome indeed

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    I think the rarest , other than the one with the book, will be blue.[/quote:1v2dmavl]
    the blue zeitgeist is download only right… not that rare? i guess it will be available for many many years! or do you know about a blue cd maybe? if so i’m listening… :D

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    yeah… it’s tagged with names, so people might not want their names around, they probably signed a paper or so… next to that i’m searching for all zeitgeists in different colors, and all countries too. is there a special release where you come from reuben?

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    gish gold cd yes me too, and now a zeitgeist promo. i’m searching my ass off almost every day!

    too late i’m afraid… going there is getting a message now

    We’re Sorry!
    The page you’re looking for does not seem to exist.

    As you have undoubtedly noticed, we’ve been doing some shuffling around here and the page you’re looking for seems to have gone missing. Please use the search field above to find what you’re looking for.

    they probably deleted it because they expect a riot amongst pumpkins fans, or billy himself ordered to dismantle the article :P

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    i like the vids of siva, disarm, zero, the end is the beginning is the end, ava adore and the everlasting gaze. siva because it’s old and freakin’ weird, disarm because the song is good and the vid is going well with it, zero because it rocks, the end blablabla is the best of them all (cool vid!) and ava adore… hard to explain. maybe because it’s so different! gaze because it rocks too. can i mention a live vid also, from vieuphoria? silverfuck. billy smashes everything apart in the end, but then just before he leaves stage, he looks into the audience, waves, as to say \"hey this is just a game, don’t take me too seriously, i’m sorry when you do…\" that’s my billy! but the best is this one


    in reply to: Females on album covers #2267

    With SP looking for the Siamese Dream girls, it looks like the next album will have females as well!![/quote:wle3ju1d]
    yeah i wondered about that too, why are they looking for those chicks? just to say thank you, you’re on the cover of the best album ever?

    jup, pretty cool this litho set. wished i had it… will cost a few bucks i’m afraid. hey superlord, from here again my compliments to a great artist. you. just read your reply to the contest, and it’s just awesome!

    in reply to: pumpkins are looking for siamese dream girls #2393

    they look about 4-6 in my opinion on SD
    SD was released in 92-93 (right? i don’t remember) se they would be about 18-20 now, yeah :)[/quote:15361tba]
    same thoughts yeah. you can look up the releasedates on this site here (click on on top) go to collection then cd’s official and then select title in drop down etc etc. i use this very often for my personal research or when buying new cd’s. siamese dream is 1993 something

    in reply to: Proud to present: Zeitgeist book edition #2258

    i fluked mine, was in NY on the day of the release, and just went to virgin and got it pretty cheap. Had to fly back to aus on the same day, and didnt realise till i got here that the album wasnt released for another 4 days over here so i could rub it in everyones faces :lol:[/quote:moltwzju]
    hahahaaha!!!! it’s indeed a rub-it-in-your-face release this book. welldone pumpkins material to my opinion. would have been even more cool with extra bonustracks however. but i will get them on the other cd’s anyway someday :P

    in reply to: Pumpkins on David Letterman #2031

    Performance can be seen here, quite some Zeitgeist mentioning :D


    in reply to: Gish…Vinyl…Unopened #2131

    You’re lucky BleedingTheOrchid. I’m looking for that vinyl also. It’s not widely available and it tends to be expensive also most of the times. I saw it go on eBay once for 50-60 bucks, the buyer had his lucky day I guess.[/quote:3ee4w7dt]
    hi arthur, when the price is kinda high, i’ll ask toad32r to deal with you ok. with this zeitgeist thingy going on my budgets are kinda low hahaha! besides, it would probably fit better in your collection. i’m not greedy. let’s wait what toad32r comes back with. any news toad32r? again, cool job you’re doing for a stranger here on a forum (whether it be me or arthur).

    in reply to: Getting deep #2113

    … The ppl that dont let it in, dont fully understand the range of emotion Billy brings to the table.[/quote:oppqbdvg]
    exactly. so f***ing true this. always when i try to explain to people what bonds me to the music of the pumpkins, i say its their wide range of emotions they sing/scream/whisper/cry about. i recognize them, almost all of them. i wished i was as creative as this guy to make music in his way. i cant so i listen and let billy be my substitute for a career i never could have had. anyway, when i let people listen to some pumpkins tracks, they either keep neutral or just are being negative. when i asked why a few times its because they dont understand it, its weird, it doesnt make sense, the lyrics go nowhere… meanwhile their faces just show how little they are in contact with themselves…

    in reply to: what do we think of live earth performance? #2224

    sorry video don’t work anymore. probably copyrights issue.

    in reply to: Billy for President!!!! #2234

    i would say no, veto, no go, don’t do. when he roars the guitar in the white house we couldn’t hear him anymore, and i wanna see him play :P

    in reply to: Anyone know exactly why Iha didn’t come back? #2020

    After reading the response to my original question of wheres Iha, i have another. Is Zeitgeist part of just a reunion, or is it the beginning of The Pumpkins rebirth?[/quote:2homg9u1]
    you posted the president part already, let me post that one for you. new topic coming! interesting question.

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