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    *hands reggae her nice shiny nickle*

    thank you lady.

    in reply to: hey look spfreaks mentioned, by name and a link!!!! #17381

    yes i was wondering the same thing


    am going to keep my status thingy on the same till i am a featured member. it says i wanna be a featured member…..come on come on come on pmm

    i urge you all to do the same, bullett for featured member!

    i might have a shiny nickle in it for you.

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    i named the tree in my back yard after her. i still have to take a pic of it for her.

    hey liquidpeppermint!

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    congrats pip.

    in reply to: Taking Requests #35387

    thanks dazey, you are the coolest ever in the whole world.

    in reply to: i found this on HU #35958

    i like those boys, can they be my new best friends?

    in reply to: Billy COMMANDS you! #34997

    i love the idea, but i need a shirt first.

    maybe i can get the treasury to print me out some money too, they seem to be doing it for everyone else who wants it.

    in reply to: Taking Requests #35379

    don’t know if someone already requested these ones, but they are the only two that i would really want right now. my computer memory is getting low, i need to burn to disk some of the stuff i have gotten from you already dazey.

    and thanks you are super cool. … &item=2480 … &item=1361

    i didn’t get the last email, wonder why?


    huh cause maybe it was a blog,

    why no one tell me this at first? you know i am slow like that.

    maybe they have more than one of old posters and such, or t-shirts, or backstage passes, or just stuff, and they want to sell some of them to make it avaliable. but i agree that the bidding will probably go wild, and no one with a regular type income would be able to buy it.

    i dunno. :?

    i didn’t get the last email, wonder why?

    but i agree with bram, what kind of archive sells it’s stuff?

    in reply to: Message From Billy on the Subscription Model #35231

    i don’t think it made people mad, but it did shame some, *cough cough*. no one over at the oboard was mad, just upset that some may have ruined it for all those who want this to happen.

    i for one signed up, and was ready to pay a decent amount, under 50 dollars, and i would have gotten the money somewhere. $20 is easier for me to get. so i will be getting my twenty and having it ready. if on the chance i get more money i would be willing to help pay for someone who can’t afford it, as i know there are people who can’t. not saying that i can help, but will try.

    i am having another yard sale this weekend. so anyone in southeastern ky come by my yard sale and buy something.

    i have an awesome rad bicycle, an occ one, that my step son never rode and is now to big for, someone wants it i know.

    in reply to: Billy Corgan on music + vinyls. #35216

    i need a job at that record store like yesterday. i couldn’t hear what the girl was saying, but what billy was saying was interesting. and what is that song, i agree it sounds kick ass.

    in reply to: SP subscription? #33245

    oh well, i emailed him and said how glad i was they decided to go the way he did, i think our emailes canceled eachother out arthur.

    in reply to: SP subscription? #33239

    i can see your point. but if they release the stuff a little less frequently for under $35, i would be able to afford it, as would alot of others. and being able to pick and choose what we wanted to buy would make it more cost effective for the fan, which is what i think they are trying to get at, or at least i hope they are.

    i think that the archive stuff will have less people interested, but i don’t think that they are trying to reach those people. with the fan club, imo, they are reaching out to the people who really want it. and only making a limited number, for the fan club, then if those don’t all sell, selling to the gen public. i think that alot of people will find that they are sorry they didn’t sign up.

    digitally, well i can’t really comment on it, i am not up on all of that and i don’t think i know enough to be able to comment on it. i personally have a love/hate realationship with it. i love to be able to get stuff so quick, trade and so on with people, but i would rather have a physical release any day. i know alot of people don’t agree with me, but maybe i am just \"old fashioned\" :P .

    in reply to: crazy feeling #35081

    could be your nerves. and not like oh your getting on my nerves, the actual nerves in your arms. you might need a nerve test done.

    in reply to: SP subscription? #33235

    i like the new idea about the physical releases, even if they are a bit more than i would regularly pay for a cd or vinyl, i would be willing to sell blood to get them. i hated the idea of the digital release, it is so cold, unpersonal, and getting extra’s like liner notes and such, i am just really excited.

    and i would like to hope that billy isn’t trying to make a huge profit on the archive material. if he can make a few extra dollars by letting visa use today, in order for us to be able to have material that we would not otherwise be able to have, i am 100% ok with that.

    in reply to: Smashing Pumpkins @ Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL) #35062

    great articals, loved them. i like the part about the soup too.

    in reply to: Lockdown with Billy Corgan #35040

    yeah it was a bit cheesy but billy looked awesome, so that is all that counts.

    in reply to: Our own chat room #18871

    would love to if it worked for me.

    in reply to: hey look spfreaks mentioned, by name and a link!!!! #17355

    i would say so, i remember that day very clearly. she may having been thinking about someone elses bbq, cause she doesn’t even like bbq. i think she may have gotten into pip’s stash of shrooms.

    in reply to: hey look spfreaks mentioned, by name and a link!!!! #17353

    no there were big buff guys there, bringing me bbq, that was a nice day.

    in reply to: hey look spfreaks mentioned, by name and a link!!!! #17351

    no, they are way better now that others have been getting banned, i think the worst one is pasta, otherwise known as geek nz to you czarina. and the gen disc board is a bit wacky, but they do post alot in other sections and have valid points. they know when to be crazy and when not to be.

    plus there are some really funny people over there. and they are nice too, watermellonchip threw me a dance party cause i got over 600 posts. i love dance parties, even though i can’t dance. wasn’t as neat as arthurs bbq (wink wink) but it was nice.

    in reply to: hey look spfreaks mentioned, by name and a link!!!! #17349

    well there really wasn’t that much for me to do, and you all are scarce when i want to be on the computer, and there wasn’t many people over there, just me and a few people talking back and forth.

    oh and ther eis a new thread about what other boards you are on, so i talked up the site here some, and said everyone would be welcome here.

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