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    I am seriously considering becoming a Mew collector. They are such a great band, not so old as to be overwhelming, with a really weird but wonderful sense of aesthetics meaning their releases always look really good. Also, they rival the mighty SP in terms of b-sides, in both quality and relative quantity!

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    Best. Name. Ever.

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    iirc, a teenage american girl got arrested for sending naked pics of herself to her boyfriend/classmates. She got arrested for distributing underage porn, and the people she sent it to get busted for possession.

    And it’s rather depressing that there genuinely are 13yo sluts. And I’m definitely not bitter that I’m 17 and have seen no action, at all…

    Also, LOL @ Dr. Phil as an educational TV show!

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    My youngest sister, whom I despise, just asked to borrow my copy of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge CD. I am not comfortable with her listening to one of my favourite artists next to acts such as Duffy and Avril Lavigne. This sucks! She’ll ruin it for me, I know!

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    No school for two weeks[/quote:1hahs4zo]

    Try to look on the brightside. It’s right there in your post! :)

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    If they manage to make good copies, and release them to the fans (FLAC/MP3/CD)[/quote:9o8twmgd]
    They’d better release them in FLAC. Any archiver worth his/her salt will make lossless digital backups. And if they’re going to release them, FLAC is always appreciated. I wonder if they’ll use torrents for it though…

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    But it’ll only go up a little bit louder!

    Also, acoustics. They’re not so good when you’re on a different floor.

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    That may be true, but my iPod doesn’t have speakers, nor could I listen to the album whilst leaning back comfortably in a chair if I’m going to the fridge and up and down stairs now, can I?

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    As I type this, I am very hungry and thirsty. I know I should go and get some food and get something to drink, but I’m listening to Neutral Milk Hotel’s ‘In The Aeroplane Over The Sea’. I don’t want to stop listening to it.

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    Salad Fingers is so fucking weird, eh Honeymade Opiate? :wink:

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    Earlier this afternoon, I went to see my mate’s band play. They’re not so good, but that’s not the point.

    The interesting part is this: I arrived at my station, going home, at 11:10 PM which is a ten minute walk to my house. But the streets and roads were virtually deserted. Empty. It was so dark, everything bathed in the feeble orange glow of the street lamps. Lifeless houses to my left, dark woods to my right. And me walking in the middle of the road. On my own. Silent save for the tapping of my shoes on the ground. It was incredible. I felt so at peace, so calm. It was something I had always wanted to do, and I just did it. It felt so good. So wonderful.

    I highly recommend you do it sometime. It’s so restful.

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    Stand Inside Your Love

    Done, thread over, there’s nothing else needs to be added.

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    Röyksopp’s new album ‘Junior’ is so good.

    Go listen to it. It’s kinda like Daft Punk, just so you know.

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    I had a Cadbury’s Creme egg easter egg. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a scaled up creme egg, it was just a hollow, chocolate egg. It did come with two regular sized creme eggs though!

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    This topic is 100 pages long!

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    I just realised – Jesus had one of the best ways of killing someone ever.

    We all know that he could apparently turn water into wine? And you know the human body is something like 70% water?

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    …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

    I’ve been listening to a bunch of their stuff.

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    2 Thoughts:

    1. Foobar2000 is OMG BEST MUSIC PLAYER EVER!!1! Seriously, it’s awesome.

    2. New episode of Red Dwarf. Fuck yeah!

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    I probably would if I could. Or rather, if I had the equipment/resources (including MCIS) already, I would definitely have done it myself.

    Oh well. Know any good places that’ll sell it all for ~£20 total?

    (And reading over my original post, I probably came across a bit selfish/pushy/etc…
    I didn’t intend to, by the way.)

    I must say, I’m excited for this. Pretty much all my doubts have been expelled.

    Now if he really wants me to adore him once again, he’ll release all the new stuff on creative commons :)

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    why don’t you just upload a couple of things that aren’t on that private tracker site yet? it can’t be that hard to upload 1.2 gb if you’re the original seeder.[/quote:3kl8byca]

    I have uploaded 48 things that weren’t on there previously. I have got 58 torrents ready for seeds in utorrent just for that site. It’s just that no-one seems to want any of it. Trust me, getting a good seed amount on that site is hard if you don’t have a seedbox. Even my most popular torrent, which has 25 seeders atm, has only got a ratio of 1.235. My connection sucks, and the bittorrent protocol screws me over because of it.

    And yeah, I know it’s lame, but I’m just worried that if it gets uploaded elsewhere (TPB, say) somebody else might see it as well and get it up there before I do.

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    \"Project Puma – the Segway for people who not ONLY finds walking too much effort, but also standing up! Coming soon – extra wide edition!\"

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    If I were a superhero, my superpower would be ‘super-procrastination’.

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