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    haha it would be interesting to say the least :D
    i mean, they got swarzenegger (sp?) for governer of california…

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    Apparently the story goes like this.

    Jimmy comes back to the Pumpkins. Billy is happy as they had not been the same on album or live without him. So he gets it in his head to conquer the world again.
    They stage the Arising tour as a pseudo come-back.

    Then D’arcy quits (she broke it to some of us after the Pittsburgh show, months before the accouncement.)
    Billy is disappointed because the original lineup just got back together. But he decides to trudge on, replacing her on bass on some parts of Machina and all of the song Untitled. His thoughts are that Melissa Auf Der Maur is a great touring bassist but he only wants the original Pumpkins on the records after Adore and the drumming by committee.

    Next, James decides that being in SP ruins his identity as an indie-rock, pop song/country ditty songwriter because people confuse SP as a metal band. Billy decides that the end of SP is here even though he was excited about getting it going again. He decides to make Machina the last album, and it has lyrics about the break up, especially This Time and Age of Innocence. He is disappointed but doesn’t want to bring new people into the band. (So he had this argument with himself that the fans are having with each other 7 years ago.). I believe that Tarantula is about getting SP going again and also about how people will not regard them as the real Pumpkins.

    So James quit, after D’arcy quit and Billy was sad but didn’t want to sully the name with a revolving door of people. Thus Zwan is born and is what the Pumpkins would have been, especially with BC becoming Christian, just listen the the lyrics on Zeitgeist, not much different to Zwan, just a little darker in the political songs.

    So if James quit in 2000 or so, I’m guessing he still wanted out in 2007, and it’s not like BC just left him behind. He just wanted to reclaiim his songs. "we are the real cos someone gave us up" Tarntula says.

    BC also played all non drums music on Zeitgeist, so his desire to have the original 4 on the albums besides Adore (Which should have been a BC solo album in hindsight) is intact.

    However, expect Ginger & Jeff on album by 2009 if he likes them. He learned from Zwan to "Look before you leap, watch the company you keep, never fall asleep."

    More proof that Machina was slated to be the big comeback to glory after Adore and to recapture the momentum of Mellon Collie that was lost when Jimmy was kicked out mid-tour:

    It was supposed to be a double album and the studio wouldn’t allow it because of Adore’s low sales.
    He expected to be able to release the second album later, but they nixed that, too.

    So Machina was never meant to stand alone, the tracks were shifted to discuss the break up, and majesty of Mellon Collie was not repeated thanks to James & D’arcy.

    And thanks to Jimmy for stopping their momentum dead in its tracks with his drug expulsion.

    So, really, is BC the jerk they make him out to be? No.

    He does have a lot of integrity and I think that confuses people.

    The reason the Pumpkins are back is becuase his bandmates in Zwan (minus Jimmy) were horrible people, or else Zwan would continue in SP’s stead. And the reason James & D’arcy are not there is because they quit at the time when he got his band back and derailed his plans.

    Long live Smashing Pumpkins.
    He always played 75% of the parts any ways.[/quote:2thpk6ni]
    umm wow
    havent got much to say :lol:
    but im sure BC cant be COMPLETELY absolved from blame… he must play SOME part in the bands break up… maybe not a huge part at all, just a part

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    yay …. thanks supadupa[/quote:1013p5gb]
    no problem at all :)

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    haha i thought it was awesome!
    i now absoloutely NEED to see them at reading festival this year!
    haha i just remembered Billy stumbling over his words then hitting himself in the head :D
    i don’t think i had seen any live pumpkins before then… i knew Billy was tall, but had no idea he was like that! :lol:
    but still – i completely enjoyed that show!
    and about billy’s voice: apparently it was deafening – the instruments and everything. even with the ear thing, he still would have had a hard time hearing himself sing.

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    someone had BETTER have ripped it!
    i wanna watch it again/get it on my psp! :lol:

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    4. Today! (i almost let out a yay when i heard the opening notes – remember it’s 2am here, and all my family is asleep :lol: )
    \"we’d like to play our new song, tuhruhntoolah\"
    (i hope that isnt an accent thing… :S)

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    haha wish it were more…
    watching it right now…
    nasa rocket scientist :lol:
    *cue rocket gag*

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    haha no….
    im watching edward scissorhands… keeping my brain active :)
    it’s good enough for me :)

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    nah, im in the uk :)

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    hey guys, don’t do updates all the time while I’m having a conversation here, come on! :evil:[/quote:ps98zncx]
    anyways… silverfuck, gossamer, who cares as long as they waste their entire set on one song!

    b-sides and rarities?
    i believe that may be an official release…
    i think the one you are referring to is the download only version? with over a hundred songs on it?
    even if it’s not official (which i believe it is, as i think its on itunes) it’s bloody good value! it’s nwar comprehensive on nearly all pumpkins b-sides rarities!

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    i found it on the pumpkins official website…
    i believe all/most artists get 20 minutes
    maybe pumpkins will hark back to the old days
    20 minute silverfuck…
    you know you want it :wink:

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    it’s 9-9:20 i believe
    wait – wait – wait…
    what time is it in the states?
    because i get the feeling im gonna have to stay up to midnight :shock:

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    dont worry, i found it – it says they’re playing in U.S, so i guess i have to watch that feed

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    not until pumpkins come on :lol:
    do you know which one they play on is? (australia, japan, china etc.)
    until they come on, it’s 24/7 pumpkins on AOL radio! :D

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    exactly – it’s quite ironic
    the amount they raise to help the environment is probably less than the amount it would cost to take back the damage inflicted

    in reply to: Top 10 Rarest Vinyls? #2154

    yeah that was it :)

    in reply to: Review Zeitgeist yellow version + questions #2175

    haha all my information comes from wikipedia, the pumpkins official site, and whatever happens to be in kerrang! :P
    thanks, i guess i may have to watch out :)
    btw, would you like full scans from tarantula?

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    oh cool will do :)
    btw, check this out: … s_album%29
    it has all the covers for all 9 (now – was 8, but now 9 :shock: ) versions, and extras for each. but its only got the covers, not the backs etc.
    so i will get the full scans for you in a couple of days :)

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    of course i m getting one! i’m gonna try and get the special edition, but i may end up just getting the green slipcase edition from hmv. hah, it all depends on what my mum does (im in school when it’s released, so my mum’s gonna go and get it for me… fuck i’m only 15!)
    the best buy sticker may just have been a mistake – added where-ever they’re all being printed, and put on accidentally. possibly.

    umm im confused by it :lol:
    it seems that you just have to get permission from youtube to host embedded videos… but i don’t believe you have to pay copyrights, as in places like bebo you can put on any youtube video, and i’m pretty sure the owners of bebo don’t pay copyright…
    frankly im not sure, tbh. as this is a fansite, i believe that you won’t have a problem with user submitted songs (like live tracks that have been recorded or whatever) but you won’t be able to put up the entire albums… i think
    again – not sure

    in reply to: Review Zeitgeist yellow version + questions #2168

    death from above is not an ‘exclusive’ to the yelllow/brown version, or whichever version has it on – it’s also the b-side to the tarantula single. i think, though, that the single may be an england only one? i haven’t heard anyone outside of england talk about it… sooo

    in reply to: Not sure… just want to know what you think… #2158

    i hold that it isnt illegal (or more correctly you shouldn’t feel guilty) downloading rare tracks, or songs that would otherwise only be accessible on a vinyl. downloading an entire album, or songs that are incredibly easy to get a hard, legal copy of, is just plain wrong – a lot of people i know i don’t consider ‘true’ fans of bands, because they illegally download albums.
    so yeah, don’t worry about downloading the odd, hard to get song – just don’t download all their albums etc.

    in reply to: Top 10 Rarest Vinyls? #2152

    everybody probably knows this, but one of the 25 machina II’s (no. 17 i believe) was put on ebay…
    it reached something like $1000 (probably way more) before being pulled off. i guess he wanted to keep it in the end :)
    i think the seller was in france.

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