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    They all, for the most part, involve hiding out and stockpiling in local areas. As most of you don’t live in the UK, and none live locally, the details aren’t necessary.

    Also, trekking to my school some time because my school has a small armoury. I shit you not.

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    I really want a zombie apocalypse

    I have plans and everything

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    Nice one, Arthur :wink:

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    That sucks man, but like you said at least you can get the benefits an such.

    I guess the thing here is really, why are you depressed? Can you root the problem, because then you can make steps to fix it. If, however, it’s medical (i.e imbalance, w/e) then I really wish all the best for you – I seriously hope it does work out.

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    Hello again…

    I’m sorry I’ve all but stopped posting. Life’s been hectic, and I’ve been distracted by other forums that are busier and move faster, and are somehow also filled with awesome people and near zero trolls despite being (comparatively) massive. But w/e, I’m here now/again and I will try to remain so :)

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    I though this was a post your thoughts thread…is this a though superlord or more of what you did today with some thoughts :lol:[/quote:1jhsk74r]It’s my thread. I can bend the rules of it to my liking. Besides, they were thoughts on an album I had received. So yeah, it IS on topic!

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    They look good. But YOU NEED MOR LENS FLAER!!1!1


    K, but seriously, lens flare-d images look pretty cheesy these days. Repost without them please? :)

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    I need to post here more often…

    Ok, so a CD I just ordered from eBay arrived. Indian Summer – Hidden Arithmetic. Two live shows, one audience bootleg, one radio set, one CD, all wrapped in a cardboard box. DIY, hell yeah. The sound quality is terrible. The feeling, the mood, the emotion, is beautiful. Fantastic.

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    Today I listened to Mew’s new album. A lot. So good

    Also, instead of teaching us maths, our maths teacher decided he would let us play cards and chess instead. Last lesson with him, so he didn’t care. I got owned by my mate in chess, and then he got owned by someone else who’s style can only be described as ‘fast and loose’. Good fun though :)

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    But it’s downloading fucking slowly :evil:


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    My school has a confirmed case of Swine Flu.

    I think I might have it (showing some symptoms)


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    It’s a shame. I was never really a fan, but I respected his contributions to the world of music. And he’s just so iconic, it’s crazy.

    All the MJ jokes that are cropping up are really annoying, it must be said.

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    Why have I not been posting much here recently?

    I don’t know, but oh well.

    I have to start looking at uni courses and stuff right now. I have no clue where to start and open days are starting at the moment. Uuuugh.

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    everybody but you


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    they paid for the expensive operation to remove all of his birthmarks.[/quote:1x5akhb2]
    And with this little statement, we learn that CAIC is truly just an obsessed teenage fangirl.

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    I listened to Cap’n Jazz. Energetic, fun, but also distraught, chaotic and quite frankly, batshit insane at times. Their lead singer sounds, at times, like he’s having a complete and total mental breakdown.

    Good stuff :)

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    I am listening to the new Placebo album. It’s pretty damn good!

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    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for an album as I currently am for Mew’s next one. The first single has been released online, and it is brilliant.

    Also, the title of the new album is wonderfully weird:

    No more stories
    Are told today
    I’m sorry
    They washed away

    No more stories
    The world is grey
    I’m tired
    Let’s wash away

    Yes, it is an entire poem.

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    Today, I went to the zoo!


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    I just realised – we’re living in one of the most important times in history. As a generatin, we are setting so many precedents – we are defining how we should treat the planet, and investing in new energy sources. Even if they find different and more efficient methods later on, we made that direction change. Artistically, we are changing the way things like music (mainly music) should be consumed – whether it should be free, and so forth. Digitally, in regards to the internet and regulations for it. So much change is happening now, it’s crazy – so much new stuff has happened, and we are deciding how it will probably (at least in the core) be done in the future. Crazy.

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    I hate the summer. Why? It’s hot. I am not a fan of excessive heat – it is stifling and uncomfortable, and it just saps all my energy. But it doesn’t just end there! Oh no, everything conspires to make me hate the summer heat even more. Now, I spend most of my time indoors, in my bedroom, on my computer/PS3. Both produce heat like a mother fucker. So not only is the outside temperature making things uncomfortable, so are my sources of leisure. I have to keep the windows open all the time, with the door open too, to try and get a breexe rolling through. Nope, the air just has to be unbearably still. My room’s window also happens to be westward facing, meaning I get ALL of the evening sun, which is just not pleasant. I close my curtains to block out the sun, but instead of having to suffer from direct, intense sun on me (and glare on my monitor/TV) I have to suffer from the room slowly building up in heat, becoming humid and sticky, ‘cuz curtains block out the breeze don’t they. And my curtains also do what they’re supposed to do, which is block out the light – I have to keep my light on all the time in the evening, which I swear also heats the room up. So eventually the sun sets, and I can open my curtains and bathe in the twilighty coolness for about half an hour. But after that, I have to close the curtains again, stopping the cool night time air from entering my room. Why? MOTHERFUCKING MOTHS, THAT’S WHY!!! Those little fuckers will, without fail, fly into my room EVERY NIGHT if I don’t render my room stifling! Why the HELL are nocturnal bugs so attracted to the bright light that is my bedroom window?!? If they fly in, I have to get rid of them – ever tried sleeping in a room with a 2 inch bug flying around, making noise and making you uncomfortable? It’s horrible. If it were winter, I would wrap myself under my duvet (to minimise potential contact) and wait it out, but I can’t do that in summer – I WOULD BOIL ALIVE IN MY OWN PERSPIRATION!!! So I have to try and find and catch the wily bastards (I don’t like killing anything that leaves a stain/guts. It’s just not very nice).

    So yeah. Thanks to all that, I’m destined to feel horribly hot and sweaty from now until September EVERY FUCKING YEAR!


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    I’m so cool I’m not even on the O-Board 8)

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    Had my second last exam. Got my last on the 17th of June, and about 2 weeks of study leave left :)

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    You should definitely check out the rest of ATGHK – it’s really good. Also check out their debut, A Triumph For Man. Their second album, Half The World Is Watching Me isn’t really essential – it’s good, but all but one of the songs on it have been re-recorded, and all of the newer versions are equal to or better than the originals. 5 our of 7 of the new ones are on Frengers, and the last 2 aren’t hard to find mp3s for.

    But yeah, I <3 Mew, can’t wait for the new album :D

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