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    People,…people….I think you’re missing a main point here. He’s wearing a nearly floor-length, ruffled, silver taffeta skirt. :oops:

    ’nuff said.

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    Clothes off would be fun, if with the right person. And no cops….

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    he looks like a satyr!!!!


    This is not a picture of a satyr. Tis a faun. Fauns have goat-like feet, while satyrs have human-like feet.

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    Good news???

    I think my leg is truly healed. Still fugly, but healed!!!!
    I managed to avoid Fay.

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    dpmwalking < dpmrunning


    twalking > trunning


    dpmwalking*twalking =approx dpmrunning * trunning


    I think it’d work out the same. What’s the rush, anyway?

    And Manilla, how does this fall into the \"philosophical forum\"??? :wink:
    And would it be different if twas a Rugby Field?

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    Why do we settle? Why should we settle? Shouldn’t we search for our \"soul mate\" until we find him/her, then go for it?

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    Good. I got into this discussion a while back with someone…….it’s tricky.

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    I think lust often precedes love. Something physically draws you to someone, and, given enough margaritas, you act on it. Whether you like it or not, you’ve started a relationship by acting. Where that relationship goes? Could come to a screeching halt after you realize just how many margaritas you had. Or, it can continue, and you realize you’re thankful those margaritas gave you the guts to act on your feelings. I’ve had lust turn into the most beautiful, strong, fulfilling love. I know love exists, I feel it almost every day.

    Lust doesn’t always turn to love, I think turning to love is more the exception than the rule. That said, what draws us to certain people and not others? This thread seems to be a bit slow, maybe everyone has put in their two cents. So I’ll pose a follow-up question:

    Do soul mates exist, and if so, what exactly makes a soul mate?

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    Arthur— I like Amy Macdonald, thanks for posting her. I’ll have to see if I can get it downloaded soon. I’m not ashamed either…..

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    Have them all the time. This is the most recent.

    In dream, I was pregnant with triplets. Went into labor, Triplet #1 came out. Other two weren’t moving. Doc looked at me and said, \"This is actually totally normal with multiples. Sometimes one or two of the multiples are ready to enter this world before the others. So just take #1 home and do your normal things. Eventually you’ll go into a second labor.\"

    WTF? Screw that. Funny part was, when we got home, all #1 did was have diarreah, hard-core. Like running-down-the-legs all the time. Ick.

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    sworn to secrecy. can’t believe no one knows.

    same (cinematic release) as my other.[/quote:1lo2o8pl]

    I knew who it is, and from what movie, sans Google.

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    ….as we know it.

    in reply to: The Confessions Thread #17817

    I confess I’ve been MIA a while.
    I confess I had two bowls of Golden Grahams for dinner last night.

    in reply to: Explain Your Username #21725

    My username came to fruition like this: I have a friend on here, who was sure he’d be able to figure out when I registered based on my username. So I tried to come up with one that would be tricky, but if he thought about it hard enough, he’d guess correctly. Return to Comfort has a few meanings, none of which I feel comfortable really going into.

    And yes, he guessed. He’s smart like that.

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