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    > brooding monaural Adore mix for LP it does pay off to do a new mix altogether; from the top of my hat, looking at my collection i think Kraftwerk (the live box), Sonic Youth (the Daydream Nation box), QOTSA (SftD) are all prime examples of perfect vinyl mixes and perfect releases pressing wise too; now the Zwan 2LP is a disaster, not only in terms of production, but also because it features the same clipped mix as the cd whereas vinyls characteristics could have been put to great use in creating a terrifc mindblowing loud-at-any-volume mastermix; oh well – you know what i’d love to hear, not because of the awesome songs, but because of spic and span production? the BC solo album TFE released on heavy solid vinyl with a designated vinyl mastermix; now that would sound terrific i think – but that’s never gonna happen…

    right – end of rant, hope this clears some things up?!


    about the pressings…

    technically normally you’re able to distinguish between pressings by the matrix codes changing which happens as the moulds/matrixes wear out over time of use and new ones are made, changing the often hand written/scatched codes around the label to the new matrix id.

    however – with the SD vinyls that doesn’t seem to be the case – can someone verify all colours carry the same matrix/scratch codes?

    now – what DA tried to do and i think he was correct there, was distinguish between technically not different pressings as such, but different press runs. you see – SD sells out on vinyl, demand is still huge, the record is still a success so they need to press up more copies. now that’s when apart from the deep red/purple ones, the much lighter copies started to turn up; so that’s clearly a moment for a different press run, same goes for the even lighter salmon/pink/orange ones and now the black (non-HUT) Caroline press.

    now within a press run colours always differ, some more, some less; i’ve seen a translucent purple copy once and that looked stunningly cool!!! but there are also near non-translucent and totally non-translucent purple copies. it all depends on how much colour was added to the basically colourless wax the vinyls are pressed with. marble scattering is the same, it’s just applied by hand, so sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less.

    and just like with the Tristessa 7\" not cleaning the moulds when switching colours leads to scattered fragments of for example deep orange in a salmon light pink copy – or several grey Tristessa’s while they were applying the black wax.

    also: it’s not uncommon to see colours change in one press run altogether. it’s pretty well documented several hardcore outfits (and i’d have to look into my collection which) use several colours and even name these on the release, because of the availibility of the colour; from the top of my head: there’s an LP naming: 1 copy on brown/orange, 2 on orange, 5 on brown swirl, 52 on green and 340 on silver transparant or something like that; these guys just took what they found and made the best out of it. for a major league act like TSP this is not a matter of trying to do something pretty cool for the fans but running out of deep orange with the press run order pressing down upon you and switching to a lighter wax or a different one to say the least.

    plus: translucent vinyl or transparant vinyl doesn’t have the same density as black or solid vinyl; that’s why black or solid (virgin – not the record company!) vinyl is most likely to sound a lot better, bear in mind when pressed on high weight vinyl!!! with SD the difference isn’t that big, but i still think PI sounds rather thinnish on the yellow LP and i’d love to have and hear a black copy of it, so if someone has a spare or can trace one down, i’m in! bad example and cool to compare – Cherub Rock on 7\" when compared to the SD version sounds like shit, when compared to the 12\" version the last one eve blows the LP out of the water in terms of sound. same applies to the MACHINA LP when compared to the heavy WL 12\" of SIYL. so weight and material does matter; picture discs are also always transparant vinyl with a sheet of paper wedged in between; hence: Aenima by TOOL (on black heavy wax) sounds awesome, Lateralus (a PD) doesn’t sound too great – but then again, there are so many issues at stake when making a vinyl (for example dumping the cd master to lp or creating a totally new mastermix?! – check NIN – The Fragile comparison to the cd and i just bought the NIN Year Zero 2LP which again has a completely different mix that sounds so much better on vinyl!!!! for example: the new Arcade Fire LP is just the main cd mix on wax, cool and all and sounds great, but when you know what you’re doing like NIN clearly was and i suspect TSP was at least with MACHINA (as that LP does feature some heavy duty bass i just cannot detect on the cd – the needle of a perfectly balanced tone arm nearly jumps out on TEG!!!) and of course with the warm, >

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    this is getting rather silly
    unless we know of what this dude died we just don’t know
    i have been front row at several Pumpkins gigs before
    and it’s mayhem down there
    Bernadette died the same way i could have been injured or have died if i hadn’t crowdsurfed to the front barrier at pukkelpop’s 95 massive surge and moshpit, or @ Ahoy 96 for that matter (first night)
    sometimes it’s the only way out of the mayhem
    so don’t even go there and tell me it’s irresponsible behaviour
    it CAN be, but it doesn’t HAVE to be!!!
    no we just have to wait and see what has happend to this dude in Vancouver
    some people wait in line too long, get exhausted, get failures of heart of something because of it in all of this mayhem and die; no moshing of themselves, no crowdsurfing to safety, let alon for sheer joy of it
    so just wait and see what comes out of this
    for as far as i know now there’s yet another tragic death to be mourned over at a concert by my beloved The Smashing Pumpkins – and i’ve mourned severely over Bernadette’s death and the casualties @ Pearl Jam’s Roskilde gig too for it could have been me; so no bitching about moshing idiots or crowdsurfers; sometimes shit gets out of hand and you just don’t have no others option but to crowdsurf your way out of on audience in total moshing frenzy….
    just my 2 ct though

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    still no word from the band or management or label upon trying to contact them for a statement
    this tragedy sucks, no matter how this happened (moshing, crowdsurfing or something else altogether) having a fan die at your show sucks…

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    ehm nope guys
    i didn’t mean to be referring to M2 Masterdisk discs
    sorry 4 the confusion
    i just meant that for Masterdisks (which are cool!) a nice value is to be expected
    plus: that for less cool (IMHO) Virgin gold cdr disc promos a lot is payed
    and i just thought: well, if those fetch some good money, and if the UK and USA promos for M2 fetch some good money, how about this one; I wasn’t referring to the possible existence of Masterdisk M2 cdrs, because I don’t think there will be any, will there? the vinyl is un-mastered as far as I know; all tracks except for the ones that ended up on GH/JO are unmastered so… i guess not and once again: sorry for any confusion my words may have caused ;)

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    the Masterdisks I referred to are like the Untitled and MCIS ones on this site.

    well yeah – if i’m not mistaken the insert in the M2 German promo is a photocopy of the insert that came with the original cdr corgan gave to Virgin Germany to have duplicated and sent out to relations.
    this item is a pretty much very limited gift copy of the actual disc corgan presented, but not the actual disc with corgan’s handwriting on it – seems to say so in the press release.
    so there have to be more copies – how many i don’t know.
    still i haven’t seen another one pop up making this a rather special artefact nonetheless….

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    I submit, in no particular order:

    I Am One 7" TP (3?)
    Light Into Dark 12" TP (2?)
    Siva/Rhino 7" WLP (no idea)
    Daughter flexi-disc (?????)


    I Am One – rag paper sleeve, only saw one over, remaining two in BCs possession. One in a fan’s collection I believe.
    Light into Dark – 3 copies I believe, one seen myself.
    Siva/Rhino – more copies than expected at first, there was a time this one could be found in Holland – not easily but it could be done unlike expectations – so I guess a decent amount of these found their way to Holland for some strange reason – then again – I was given 5 copies of a Kylie 7" for Red Blooded Woman of which only 50 promotional copies exist by a venue here in Holland that had these just gathering dust there so these made it to Holland and eventually unto ebay naturally ;)
    Daughter – couple of hundred I guess, unsuccesful magazine, hard to find in the mag, loose copies do pop up now and then, very hard to find in a good playable condition and if you have own, the sound quality of a flexi really sucks…

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    it reached around USD 10.000 even and was pulled off ebay cause the seller didn’t expect those sums of money for the set. the high bidder was french.

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