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    good idea. especially if he keeps up the subscription plan to see how many people are interested and tailor the pressing to that number.

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    awesome to see the site back and to have you join here!!! welcome on board!!!

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    it was probably the smartest way to sell this: unheard music, limited, numbered, at $60. (which i find expensive for a double lp.)
    i think this got them more money than a standard release, where people would have had a chance to hear some of the music first, not that limited, at a cheaper price.[/quote:gh3f448r]

    for sure; if this would have been out there – even the one snippet – with a non-limited (and blahblah) release, in a standard release fashion it would have gone totally deservedly down the drain…

    so, all in all; well done BC for being able to sell this at this price with just some secrecy concerning the material and a limited edtion (or make that two of those already…). nice one, especially seeing how many people fell for it, like lemmings.

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    well, i was completely wrong when i wasn’t expecting a lot of interest. i didn’t see that coming, to be honest.

    450 copies sold at $60, that’s $27k. i guess they just funded a couple of extra months of selling peanuts at zuzu’s.

    do you think they’d have sold 450 copies of this if this wasn’t a limited release (announced as limited to 250)? i’m not so sure.
    maybe announcing 500 copies from the start would already have caused less interest.[/quote:s0e0rfbz]

    of course those 450 would have sold: 450 is still very limited for a BC release.
    an unlimited release might have been a whole different ‘game’, i.e. at least not a massive rush at the start, but then again: with colour pressings in the front of the print run that might have been an incentive to be early even then.

    what boggles the mind quite a bit is that people had access to the live show drizzle and still wanted to buy this plain horrible excuse for experimental electronic music. it’s all in the fame / big name game, I know, but still: 60 USD for utter bs is still 60 USD too much, signed, numbered, whatever.

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    didn’t bother trying to secure a copy, with the live synth shows in mind…
    now that the track is up: damn, that’s just plain OMG awful, considering the amazing load of modular synths BC owns… pretty much lame knob twiddling by an amateur…
    oh well… guess it’s a good moment to dig up the lp’s of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream for the real deal.


    other question: has anyone ever seen a purple cd book?
    or does the purple only appear on that one promotional picture? (i guess the promo pic could just be a digital representation of what the box set was supposed to look like; that it’s not an actual picture of a real box set. that doesn’t seem impossible to me. maybe they just got to colour wrong while creating the promo pic?)

    any US mcis deluxe box set owners, maybe?[/quote:2x2bpfd1]

    mine is purple, definitely dark purple. Virgin America made in EU.

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    i don’t think it’s BC’s handwriting.

    what happened, i think is…
    this was the tentative track list warner was given.
    the disc that came in to make these promos from however had a different track order.
    for this copy they did use the already printed sleeve, but corrected the tracklist by hand.
    maybe so someone could fix a new tracklist insert for the subsequent promos?

    quite interesting to see this alternate running order.

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    interesting. all my non-sp ones (not that many) come with a number.

    so you think some of these watermarked cds don’t actually contain a watermark? and they just say the cd is watermarked to stop people from leaking the album? i really wonder if they sometimes do that. it would be cool to find a watermarked release and prove that it doesn’t contain a watermarked.

    i compared different copies of TFE and zeitgeist, and none of them were identical. (i made a perfect copy of the audio with EAC, and compared the audio.) so i believe those watermarked releases definitely contained a unique watermark.[/quote:m4hzghug]

    yes there are some without watermarks. it’s all about the idea of not getting it in your head to spread the stuff, but watermarking the material sometimes is too much work so then a caveat will work just as well…
    dunno if that’s the case for TSP though.
    and apparently not for the ones you’ve checked…

    btw: some watermarks can’t be checked in the sound file with audio software with audio software as the watermark is embedded in another way.
    did you check these with audio software?
    a watermark should not easily show up there normally – there’s specialised software to find these. if the audio in any way is different, it would seem to indicate there’s at least a different sequencing and/or master of something used. watermarks for for example The White Stripes were not detectable with audio software. same goes for NIN.

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    i’m a bit surprised that this thread even exists: don’t all the older watermarked releases (the future embrace, zeitgeist) come with a name and a unique number? it’s the same thing, isn’t it?[/quote:367ei7e6]

    dunno; some i have (non-TSP) are name only…

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    i wasn’t missing that.

    but i’m still wondering where that statement came from?
    and if there are more than 25 copies, why sell "25 watermarked copies" as a fact? was there a reason to believe there were 25? or was this just plucked out of thin air?[/quote:1guth2dr]

    i just meant to say there are (at least) 25 copies.
    name + number on the disc…

    it’s not just a random number or something.

    jeez, sometimes I just am amazed at how many instances we need to get to the point. the initial reply said so – there might be more, there are 25 at least; we know of a number 30; fine, then there at least 30.
    jeez… you can only say how many depending on the numbers you have. so now we get to the 30’s range. ok.

    it’s only logical, but hey… oh well… jeez…

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    there are 25 audio watermarks for this release.[/quote:a8yynhs2]
    where does this information come from?[/quote:a8yynhs2]

    because it’s normally like this; i’ve got numerous of these kind of promos for other bands…
    there’s a list of the numbers, matched to names… normally that is.
    so on mine it say: sven – 45 – the netherlands – name of the medium (for example)
    and on press parties i’ve signed the documents to get these promos which included lists with the full distribution list for the netherlands for example.

    so: i’d say there are 25 made for a specific list of people / journalists / djs that got one.

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    there are 25 audio watermarks for this release.
    these might be connected to a specific person, so there might just be 25 watermarked copies.
    could be way more though, with just the number indicating the version of watermark used or not even having a meaning…
    there might be a watermark, there might be numerous, there might not even be one on the actual disc; it’s more like making sure the recipient gets the idea the material has been tempered with so he/she doesn’t disclose it. if the watermark is really there you can’t teel from just looking at it (or in most case just playing the record).

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    the number is for the specific audio watermark coding on this particular cd.

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    anybody find the vinyl at a decent price and what’s your idea of the vinyl box (and of the new mix of Pastichio Medley)?

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    Damn! Review will follow shortly, but may take 2 months for me to post it here…

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    I agree with Arthur there, BUT: he indeed does need touring for the promotion and don’t forget the extreme pricing for small shows is NOT the way to go for a band like TSP. It’s all about playing the right songs as he did in Tilburg and Amsterdam. He did fuck up tours totally in the past with his amazing ability not-to-make-a-good-setlist… Now it’s there for everyone and he’s not enjoying himself. Maybe it’s time to quit then, altogether.

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    Totally agree with what Arthur just said…

    I just wrote my opinion based on a view from a non-TSP fan… Then this show totally sucked…

    For a TSP-fan there were many highlights as the balcony and other places might have notiiced from Remco and me.. Hell, we even managed to get to Arthur :)

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    Agreed King of Gloom…

    It just sucked…
    There was so much room for something more and there was nothing there…

    Like with BC’s story…
    Didn’t go anywhere, just like the show…

    The good bits of the gig:
    Starz (the new arrangement is ROCKING!)
    If There Is A God
    Stand Inside Your Love
    United States
    The Celestials

    BC should leave out the hits and stick with his current comfort zone…
    He just cannot entertain a large crowd anymore; he does not believe in his old hits, don’t play those then…

    For a non-TSP fan this was a very bad concert.

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    damn this sucked…

    sound was kinda somewhat OK on the balcony…
    in front of the FOH it was kinda OK…
    in front of the stage it was HORRIBLE!!!…

    setlist was kinda OK.

    BC was off; no feeling into the songs whatsoever…

    but: we did get: If There Was A God… :)

    still: it kinda sucked…
    it was OK to be there and to see each other again….

    Rocket rocked my world!!!

    The rest: blah…

    This was my 25th TSP live performance and by far the WORST….

    Damn and that at the Paradiso…!!!

    The band should’ve nailed it and it was just blah……….

    Last time TSP live for me; BC can’t bring it anymore, it’s over and done for me.

    That’s it. I’ll cherish the memories of what once was…….

    …said sadly.

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    superpsyched!!! will be awesome in the stunning Paradiso venue :)

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    ok iTINES i get it…

    will do a review this weekend; awesome stuff!

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    where on Spotify???????

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    will do this weekend if i get to it :)

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    damn… there’s some massive amount of saved images on a pc’s hdi do not intend to use pretty soon somewhere upstairs…
    somehow, I can’t seem to recognise these posters from something I’ve saved / seen before…
    totally amazing to see these unearthed…

    i once was pretty close to compiling a pretty good picture of The Marked…
    I had contacts with Dale and Ron (and BC)…

    somehow I ditched the idea/plan.

    pretty much as i got to know BC did not want me to dig further.
    pretty much as it’s a fair game for someone living there, not working from The Netherlands…

    still: having all the demo’s (first gen to cdr) and The Marked 2 track video is a real gem in my collection…

    could have, should have gone further maybe.

    with all the materials I might be able to put together a somewhat comprehensive narrative of The Marked.
    and sell it to Rolling Stone or whatever.

    and: sever all – however sketchy – ties with/to BC forever for doing that.

    I rather for once hear the Greta Garbo song…
    and the rest of The Marked acoustic tape.
    I know it’s there and out.

    It’s been so long…
    I know who has something and all. I think I have a real photo of The Marked somewhere…

    Worked so hard on this back when, when hardly anybody seemed to care…

    Now it is over and done for me.

    Can’t see the effort in trying to contact all these people again. So close. So far away…
    …said sadly.

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    Starz is indeed a pretty good rocker. :)

    Latest awesome news found on Twitter:

    Uli Jon Roth ‏@UliJonRoth1
    I’m going to do another Smashing Pumpkins show tonight with Billy Corgan and his great band! Manchester Academy! Spontaneous invitation…[/quote:3aslwhoh]

    1 – i totally love the new and heavy version of Starz!!! :) :)

    2 – keeping fingers crossed Uli joins in Paradiso!!! :) :)

    by the way, didn’t you think, the middle section of United States sounded amazingly a lot like Gossamer???

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