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    looks real enough 2 me
    nice one

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    signed – sealed – delivered
    contracts have been signed and approved and sent and recieved
    first introduction piece will be up in a short while
    just so you know: yes, i’m in, I will be working for The Smashing Pumpkins/the website as one of their writers and will of course represent SPFreaks the best I can!
    stay tuned to for what we are up to as a team over there ;)

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    from the top of my head when this was sollicited I vaguely remember a number of only 1.000 copies which would make some sense in a way as to have aquired some overstock CR singles somewhere and then compiling the box and all and it does take quite some effort and i can’t believe there are an awfull lot of these around….


    i was talking about the (t)here mag
    that’s awesome
    the Madame Tussaud’s wac model like pic from the Adore era has always creeped and freaked me out…
    but for a coffee table thing… (t)here magazine (once i did find it again in my archive) even got my quite arty gfriend reeling as to how cool it was…
    that’s what i was trying to say as in: if you need a coffee table conversation piece: go with (t)here….;)


    nah… it’s sooooo nice ;)


    between my art books and mags and coffee table stuff
    this one has always been a favorite…
    even so cool i just had to dig around several book shelves and stacks of books et al to find it, the horror!!
    (t)here magazine – scroll to issue #1
    it’s awesome, it’s stunning, it’s special, it’s one of a kind… it’s pure art imho…;)

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    dvd is all authored and editted
    all on the band’s expenses
    the thing is ready to be produced
    and has been so for years
    legal matters did prevent them from doing so
    now it’s just a case of momentum i guess
    why drop a metro show from 2000 now all of a sudden when you’re all about being back in business with new stuff…
    just wait and see
    it’s done, it’s there to be released
    it won’t be a Virgin release and it needn’t be for they’re free agents now as the band
    then again – i feel dropping the stuff NIN style (see their Closure 2DVD) might be the thing we’re looking at
    not a full commercial release
    just my idea of it though


    the show is know – it’s 890430
    there’s even a recording of this concert.
    poster’s most likely a copy of the actual gig poster.
    date is genuine.
    seller might be a little bit wacky, but still…
    nothing too far off the wall imho.


    you didn’t exactly need to steal it @ Metro.
    i was at the final performance.
    the walls in the lobby/hall were plastered with these kinda posters.
    these were photocopies of the original ones in Metro’s vast archive.
    after the show, a lot of people took down these posters as a souvenir.
    this seems to be one of those.

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    trust no one
    trust the powers that be

    there’s more than meets the eye

    talking between stars
    scenes missing | scenes merging | frames missing

    and we meet again mr Anderson…

    no black ships on the horizon no more…

    remember the soul as living proof
    letting the truth sing divine
    as the machines resume
    so empowered
    bracing against the inevitable doubt
    this echo rings forever on

    for now freak out and give in….

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    Lass dir nicht von denen raten
    die ihren Winterspeck der Möglichkeiten
    längst verbraten haben

    Du musst die Sterne und den Mond enthaupten
    und am besten auch den Zar
    die Gestirne werden sich behaupten
    aber wahrscheinlich nicht der Zar

    weilweilweil und immer weilweilweil und wieder weil


    my mistake
    i thought it was all cdr/acetates
    i stand corrected…

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    yup it’s a bootleg alright
    but i think it was one of the first instances back in the days we found the recordings of the 1990 show contained in this tape.

    although shit’s fucked up-
    900616 – Club de Wash, Madison, Wisconsin:
    Tristessa, Snail, Rhinoceros, I Am One, Window Paine, Razor, Honeyspider
    911016 – Oscar Meyer Theater, Madison, Wisconsin:
    […] Window Paine, Bury Me, Siva, Snail […]

    Madison is close to Illinois…
    Both live recordings are from Madison….
    Bonus cuts include some demo’s from the early days…
    I’d say someone got a hold of the live-tapes thru trading or even the tapes himself…
    Bought a demotape (Moon) at one of the early shows (could they have had Moon tapes left in june 90???) and made himself/herself a little bit of a money maker thing somewhere somehow…
    What I am most curious about is the sleeve shot photo which looks pretty much old skool back in the dayzzzzz….

    is there any mention of KTS/Kiss the Stone as they were Italy based and it would be pretty special for them to have been into tape bootlegging then and to release a tape bootleg as early in TSP’s carreer as let’s say 1991/early 1992… just wondering…

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    when this was released it WAS a cool item to buy…
    because Cherub Rock CDS was long out of print/deleted and not that easy to find and these did hit the normal record stores (at least in Holland I’ve seen several of them) and it was a nice chance to stack up on your pre-MCIS singles, never minding the ugly box and the useless interview disc for a price that was in a way given the ebay/eil/slcd prices at that time pretty reasonable.
    i always wondered how they got a hold of so many CR singles – the rest was pretty much easy to find, but that one was something else…

    technically it isn’t even a bootleg
    same goes for interview discs
    it’s a so-called grey area release as it doesn’t as such infringe copyrights, but itsn’t officially sanctioned either by band nor management – techincally same goes for the Q101 M2 pressing and the other interview discs…

    what i’ve always been kinda curious about was the point of the SD Wooden Box set.
    i’ve held this in the grey area part of my collection for quite a while.
    this is mostly due to the fact these things have been made for a lot of artists and a VERY ugly one for Tori Amos (I think it was Little Earthquakes) and no-way she or her management would have sanctioned such a thing…
    it’s basically a way of repackaging a release version cd and grey area releases are normally non-illegal and for order at normal catalogues in record stores…
    i think i will dive into the SD Wooden Box Set stuff and my archives from way back when once again- i know for sure Dave Asselin and his discography helpers and i concluded it was ok for inclusion because it was in catalogues, but there’s no seperate releasecode for the box and that’s where my suspicion has moved in over the years since- all and every release has a unique releasecode and even the original cardboard outer box doesn’t use the SD font, mention HUT/Virgin or whatever.

    and while i’m at it—
    there’s eve a TRUE grey area release of sorts made by the band themselves!!!!
    save for some one-off items and the grey area Q101 limited to three copies winners copies of Untitled this is the most rare item in TSP history…
    in december 91 the band set down at a record store (have to see if i can find out where) on and afternoon before doing a signing or something there to make a box set to be given away to lucky raffle winners (a display/shopwindow contest for record store owners).
    the boxes where 10\" square and prefab and the band decorated each one with a unique pattern or ‘art’ or doodles or whatever with magic markers – which was quite a colourful mess I gather…
    these contained – gish cd, lull cdep, i am one flexi 7\", a band shirt and an autographed promo photo, plus although outside of the box because of the size – siva 12\"
    now what’s cool ánd funny is the inclusion of two UK only releases in a USA made box (which immediately brings up the question as how much the band themselves own in terms of worldwide release, because as of 1991 they did have copies of siva 12\" and the much much much rarer i am one flexi at hand to give away – funny even for the i am one flexi with the UK touring info is not much cop is it to an American who’s given gish on cd too?
    so boxes made these were all numbered out of ten.
    and duely disappeared….
    not a single one of these boxes (and trust me – i’ve searched and researched long and hard to find just even a battered and knackered box, contents or not) has surfaced to this date either online or in a collection i know of, but the information has been verified with several sourced, not in the least the band and is correct…
    so once again – all official (promo) releases and well: not officially label sanctioned, but one of the most elusive items still missing in my minor collection (compared to what some of you guys own – but that’s me and my terms of collecting…) a there’s even a band made grey area release of some sorts ;)

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    please note that for all intents and purpouses spfreaks can indeed faithfully and with good reason consider itself major given the current state of matters ;)


    this IS the acetate… (the one in the top post and as such thus the one Arthur quotes up on SPFreaks)
    all delabel promo’s from this era are cdr/acetates, aren’t they?

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    the delabel promo does look genuine.
    just check against the cdr Untitled promo from delabel, same sticker on the disc and all

    i think delabel made a rip from the tv broadcast recording
    hopefully before it hit the air, straight from the post-mixed multichannel sbd matrix feed.
    that would sound quite ok i guess.
    it’s the broadcast cut as there are songs missing such as in the tv broadcast

    know- why are these missing?
    didn’t the band allow broadcast of these songs – which i see happen a lot in my work…
    did these song get cut because of the broadcast length?
    did they fuck up recording???

    however/whatever – a 2 cdr delabel promo set featuring the tv-broadcast part of the Bercy show might in fact be pretty damn rare, but these prices are ridiculous.

    and i start to wonder what would happen if i put up some of my true one-offs on auction or my demo tapes??? crazy stuff for real…

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    test presses are what it says – pressings to test the lathe, master plates, etc… look around @ especially at the Kylie and The Smiths sections and you’ll find some true TPs – studio in-house mastering plant TPs – often in nothing but a simple sleeve, hand written labels, made to check the quality nothing more nothing less.

    white label promos are made to promote the record – as with HUT these come in generic HUT sleeves, sometimes in oversized and uncut artwork (proof) sheets, with or without a promotional sheet like a bio or track sheet or something. not for in-house use (only). these are white label for some legal matters i strongly believe and i can look it up somewhere ah well there you have it: [url:3stv8o2y][/url:3stv8o2y]

    it can be confusing sometimes i know, but hte main difference is the intended use so provenance should do the trick and tell you all you need to know.


    Sure I kinow of Skinny Puppy…
    One of the most influential post-proto industrial bands ever.
    Saw them this year at Tivoli, Utrecht, NL
    And have several albums by these guys.
    Like with Throbbing Gristle and Front Line Assembly, no Nine Inch Nails withouth those two and no NIN without Skinny Puppy…
    Amazing band – not that I’ve got any demos or anything but still; great band!

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    i’d say it’s all legit
    dunno – it doesn’t seem to make any sense to bootlegpress a 3LP set because of the hassle and cost going into it – it’s a hell of a job especially with a lavish production as MCIS with the gatefold sleeve and booklet. bootleg LPs i know of like the Lateralus LP for TOOL (before they released it properly on vinyl) or the MACHINA 1LP 12\" coloured vinyl are poorly produced knock-offs.
    as this one doesn’t seem to be just that – i’d say it might be a little bit strange and all, but still legit

    what i’m curious about is the yellow one, now: i’d like to see scans of that one!

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    i really think these venues are way way way too big!!!
    at TSP zenith in 1996/1997 and the end in 2000 they managed these kind of halls
    now i can’t see these selling out
    they should have chosen the 3.500 – 5.000 capacity venues instead i think

    i know the Dutch date and venue but cannot say just yet
    i think it might be announced tomorrow in Dutch newspaper ads
    however – it’s not what you might expect!!!

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    it’s like this
    the disc was made in france
    that what is says on my copy too, bought on the day of release
    manufactured there, ok, that’s cool
    delabel is a french subsidiary of hut in a way – dunno how exactly, but in a way
    so delabel does the promotion for hut in france
    now for a major release like mcis you’ll have to have multiple pressing plants to get the discs out there
    so the european one was pressed/made in france
    printed in holland (wasn’t it?)
    and assembled god knows where
    just try to check where ‘in rainbows’ was made for example – multiple pressing plants all over the world, a factory/publishing company for the booklets and hardback book, a pressing plant for the vinyl or better: several for these numbers so…
    it was convenient to make this thing in france
    and so it says
    and delabel does the french promo
    but doesn’t release
    because it doesn’t hold release rights to the recordings
    those are with Virgin and/or HUT
    so well yeah – have the shit manufactured where you wanna – it’s still a release under Virgin and/or HUT
    as delable doesn’t as far as i know hold any commercial release rigths to any of the Pumpkins catalogue
    there will never be a commercial delabel release as such
    those commercial rights are held by Virgin and/or HUT
    and for promotional reasons i can see and understand a ‘license’ (not technically) to delabel
    to promote the material in an orderly and local and eloquent fashion
    but that doesn’t give delabel the right to release anything under their label
    under these contracts at least

    so yeah – delabel promo’s sure and awesome most of the time
    commercial delabel releases, nope; these are controlled and held by Virgin and/or HUT

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    Me neither, although JC told me they had been fooling around with Gossamer for a while live and in practice when we spoke @ Pinkpop Festival and that they were looking into recording a ‘definitive’ version for release at the residencies.
    Now if that’s true that might be kinda like the Daydream live in Berlin b-side release. TSP tracks everything fully digitally unto multitrack machines, so it’s always an option.
    Having said that I – personally – haven’t heard a halfway decent release worthy song come out of the residencies.
    So Gossamer would make a great b-side to the Doomsday Clock cds, but any other song? Dunno; rather not.


    i will check all my sd vinyls and let you know about the matrix codes. (i think they are all the same, but i’ll check again and confirm.)[/quote:368tbsld]
    Jeroen, as you still have the 8 copies we scanned last Saturday, could you please do the same? Thanks.

    Sven, am I correct when I state that a "different pressing" should have different matrix codes and a "different press run" is (most likely) divided by the color schemes when it comes to organizing the Siamese Dream vinyl?

    In that case I would suggest the following 6 press runs for Siamese Dream (just like Cool As Ice Dream did before):

    -(Dark) Purple

    Is this a workable categorization to you all vinyl owners? In the end I want to put this in the SPfreaks Collection as 6 different item uploads, hopefully all with good examples (scans) of this colored vinyl.

    And another question to you all (presuming that first record 1 is being pressed in a certain quantity, then the moulds get changed and then record 2 is being pressed, the reason why so many colorvariations can appear in the same sleeve), does this colorvariation within the same sleeve add to the collectors value of the vinyl, or not? Take for example row 6 last 4 pics (the spine close ups of the "maroon" vinyl, from an American collector) on … &item=1102 ? In my humble opinion it doesn’t, but again, I’m no vinyl collector. I would probably pay a bit higher price for 2 records that have (almost) exactly the same color(-variation), but how do you deal with this matter? Just curious.[/quote:368tbsld]

    yeah well no not per se
    uhm – let’s see
    i’d say these were different press runs, with identical pressings (as in music wise/master wise as in not the same as the MCIS 3LP lp Cool As Ice-Cream mentioned) hence the change in colour
    also: it’s factory work to press an LP
    so one guy works on LP1 and the other on LP2 or not at the same time or whatever
    hence – different colours
    and then someone else assembles the LPs into the sleeves
    and i don’t think a pressing plant has someone look for the most matching sets ;)

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