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    Wow, I never heard that before! Is it an old or new song? Where is it from? It’s definitely cool.

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    i just saw that on i’m glad they rescheduled too.

    we don’t need any Billy Poppins stage incident.[/quote:3skqwiao]
    :lol: That would be something to see![/quote:3skqwiao]

    can’t you just see it. the silver tinfoil skirt, a matching umbrella, striped socks… :lol:[/quote:3skqwiao]

    After that description, I can see it quite clearly.

    Mom: "What the hell?!? Some strange bald man in a skirt and umbrella just floated into our yard!"

    Me: *yawn* "That’s just Billy…"

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    i just saw that on i’m glad they rescheduled too.

    we don’t need any Billy Poppins stage incident.[/quote:f52asuzs]
    :lol: That would be something to see!

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    Whew! Good call.

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    I’m also a closet weather freak so I’m def. keeping an eye out on this![/quote:3jsyug75] You’re now on Just a reminder… :wink:[/quote:3jsyug75]

    Aww! And here I was gonna post radars, weather charts, and other unintelliglble technical gobbledegook. Drat! :lol:

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    hehe :lol: nice one

    or they could just all wear puffy dresses and float off stage if the wind picks up and the storm touches down. who knows maybe they would land back in Chicago. 8)


    That pic of Billy holding a giant umbrella comes to mind. Uncanny.

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    :lol: at Mary Poppins and Blew Away references! It’s hard to tell what the storm is gonna do once it hits Florida. They’re predicting anything from a mere tropical storm to a Category 2 hurricane. And I believe one of the venues they’re playing is an outdoor one. I’m also a closet weather freak so I’m def. keeping an eye out on this!

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    not good- i hope they don’t blow away. maybe they should reschedule.[/quote:17kiefu5]

    That’s some funny imagery there! :lol: Maybe they’ll need to wear inflatable floatation devices. That should make for interesting garb!

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    hehe :lol: thats funny. i wonder what he was really telling Jimmy with his fists out. :wink:[/quote:1czx5k3k]

    "Catbread make me strong like bull!!!"

    in reply to: No more commenting on #21139

    I just got a PM back from PMM. Here’s the (tentative) scoop:

    \"It was a conscious decision from upon high

    Hopefully with the relaunch coming, comments will be revitalized… but probably only to be removed once again.\"

    —————– Original Message —————–
    From: ClevelandPumpkinsFans
    Date: December 31, 1969, 4:00 pm

    Did I miss something? I can post comments but not read them. Did enough people abuse the commenting privilege by flooding this website with negativity, or are we just experiencing technical difficulties?

    Sooo…it appears a revitalization of is in the works as well as a likely return of commenting. :) By \"upon high\", maybe that means the order to remove comments (or at least put them in the Time-Out chair) came from the band or Billy himself?

    People better learn to behave lest we go comment-less again!

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    Heh, I can never lurk on Netphoria without my browser crashing within 2 minutes.

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    yes they are down and will stay down.
    i totally support this decision which was taken after a lot of due consideration.
    won’t and can’t go into details – but it’s a wise thing to I believe.
    I just PM’ed PMM about this, but thanks for the insight. I guess it was a drastic measure to ensure that doesn’t turn into Netphoria II.

    in reply to: Billy’s mugshot: the poster #18349

    I kinda like it but wouldn’t have it framed in my living room, lol!

    in reply to: looks like Billy is in deep shit? #19699

    That is hilarious, it was reported in Perez Hilton and all. It was also reported that she’s been carrying pills everywhere and traveling in supermarket cars so, I think that’s self-explanatory.[/quote:2wpdyufv]
    :lol: I choked a little on my soda pop while reading this! :lol:

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    Bill’s mugshot? What did he get busted for? Or is that some random driver’s license photo?

    in reply to: after the induction ceremony #15358

    Good stuff. Gives me hope that *maybe* they’ll play Cleveland. If there’s enough interested fans, that is.

    in reply to: Smashing Pumpkins give milk #13380

    Hey, milk is healthier than pop so I guess it’s all good with the Mighty SP. :lol:

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    Cute. I’m diggin’ the mullet and big white shoes :lol:

    in reply to: father of billy arrested for drugs #5598

    My sympathies go out to Billy during this time. I just want to give him a big, warm hug. I can’t say what kind of relationship he has with his father right now, but I respect his right to privacy.

    in reply to: Billy pics! #3501

    Isn’t his sock so sexy hehe,
    Love the striped socks makes me think of toe socks,
    if anyone knows what they are, which i own rainbow and black &white striped one lol
    *raises hand* Toe socks fan here! I too have the rainbow pair, and a few others. I also have a black and yellow pair that makes me look like a bumblebee.

    in reply to: So Billy’s 40… #4067

    Billy has always looked young for his age. I believe it has to do with genetics; several people in my family (myself included) look younger than they really are.

    As for 40 being \"old\", I don’t get it. I’m nowhere near 40 years old but I don’t consider it to be elderly or frail at all…considering a lot of people are living to be 100 and beyond nowadays.

    in reply to: psycho tape (rare early pumpkins stuffs) #3660

    Scary Neurotic Song is the best! Simply hilarious. It’s been on my personal Myspace forever. Does anyone have the lyrics? Some of the words are hard to make out (poor audio). :P

    in reply to: Billy’s married? True or not true? #3111

    Thanks for the info, ladyn.

    I smell bullshit because Fysche seems to have several different versions of her stories, none of which add up. Interesting that she and a friend created the wedding journal, if I read your last post correctly.

    I suspect that Billy is staying quiet because he doesn’t want to play into her game. Sometimes not giving someone the attention they demand is a good way to prevent things from getting out of control. Of course, I’m only speculating. It’s scary that she’s been following him since the Zwan days without any action being taken against her by Billy or band management. I wonder if they think of her as that \"crazy but harmless woman that’s in love with Billy\"?

    in reply to: Billy’s married? True or not true? #3094

    SNC stated that he knew a friend of Billy’s had informed Billy of the VG issue. Does that infer (sp?) that the friend knows it’s total crap and wanted Billy to be aware of it? If so, then we’ve got our answer as to if he is married or not.

    As for knowing her, this is all based on speculation and some observation. My friend from NC saw many of the Asheville shows and said that VG was there all the time and it looked like she was with the band. However, my friend talked to one of VG’s friends and she said "Veronica always goes to places where Billy is at — whether he knows it or not, just so it appears that they are together". That was said by a friend of Veronica (anyone thinking this is a bit strange)?

    I had just assumed he’d at least met her since she literally follows them and bugs the security team. Also, she quotes him in one of her dumb books on the back and I think if it’s published that it’d have to be legit. But who knows if she just merely wrote about him and he sent in a comment?

    What I don’t understand is — how does she manage to have the time/$$ to go all over the place to follow him? What about a job?? She claims she has a career as an actor. Is she independently wealthy?

    Maybe she’s become such an issue that Billy has spoken to his attorney and his attorney has advised him to say nothing. I’m sure that this happens a lot, although this case seems a bit extreme. Ok, very extreme.


    In my book this behavior is considered stalking. Maybe she’s not outwardly threatening or weird enough for the band to tell her to take a hike, but it’s past the point of being healthy. Considering the time and money she invests in following him around the country, I’m sure she’s in more than a wee bit of debt, even if she’s a person of means.

    As for speaking about it, I don’t think it’s a wise move for Bill. He just might open a big fat can of worms by saying something–either causing her to antagonize him or escalating the severity of her antics.

    in reply to: Mosh Pit Turns Deadly for a Smashing Pumpkins Fan #3737

    Looks like we won’t know what killed the young man:


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